This Girl Made Me Binge 150 Chapters of Rent A Girlfriend | Kanojo, Okarishimasu Thoughts

After watching episode 2 of Rent A Girlfriend or Kanojo, Okarishimasu. I was so fascinated in the character of Mami that I binged the living hell out of the whole manga. The funny thing about this is that even though I loved this woman and her character. She has not even been the main reason I kept bingeing this series. Nor is she the main focus of the story. So I am here to talk about a story that I wasted my whole tuesday on.


This woman is the best character in this manga. I binged 149 chapters and 1 extra to get so little amazing moments with her character. As the small amount of chapters that we get with her alone are so amazing. It reminds me so much of the movie Joker. As she is crazy and the moments that we get with here alone. Is such great writing of a psychopathic personality. That I am in just utter love with her character.

I NEED this girls backstory arc. But, then I needed more. I have never seen such a well written twisted character. in a good minute. I am just a little salty that we have gone a whole arc without her. But, the arc that we are in is so well written that I don’t care. Also I forgot that this whole manga is written so well. Like the author of this manga makes me so interested in how he will go with it.

The Writing & Art

The amount of writing that this mangaka puts into his manga. Is amazing. It has been a while since a manga made me shed a tear. Which is very different from anime because they have music and amazing voice acting. But, that moment in the latest chapter when the grandma smiled. That was different.

Also the simple blank pages with no emotion that just has the characters say a single world or nothing at all. Like the moment when Kazuya had to choose the best food. Just to make Ruka happy he said hers. Then, Chizuru leaves and you get a whole double spread page of her saying fuu. That shows the little jealousy of her. I love moments like that.

The Cast

As I have to say that the cast overall even the MC ( A harem MC) was a well written character to a degree. I love the cast from top to bottom. Mizaru is a well written main girl, MAMI IS AMAZING, Ruka is a good character despite her annoyance sometimes, and Sumi is an angel that must be protected. Kibe is a bro, and the grandmas are just hilarious. Who knows I might review this series in the future.

Relationship Between The Main Two

I will wait until after this current arc to see how it goes from there. But, I love the way that they are building the relationship while keeping it progressing. A thing that manga’s tend to do (NISEKOI FOR EXAMPLE). Constantly side tracks from the main relationship to go to the other girls. The MC never makes it clear who he likes.

Nor does the girl due to her nature. Which is something that this manga really doesn’t do. As do something that is shocking. THE ACTUALLY PROGRESS THE RELATIONSHIP. Finally we have a mangaka that does things right.

The One Question I Have

I am really curious ifit will go the harem route. Or will it go pure Chizuru. This is one thing that really interests me. As I am so interested in how this mangaka will go. I am not ready for that Ruka break up if that is the case. Nor the Rumi rejection if so. This is gonna be so interesting to see how it goes. But, I am hooked.

Final Thoughts

This manga is really good and I highly recommend the read. Especially if you liked Nisekoi this is a must read and watch. Thanks for reading this post. Until next time be great my A&M people.

Mami Best Girl?

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