I Didn’t Expect to Cry So Much | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 4 Review

I didn’t expect to cry so much in this episode. But now Subaru is one of my favorite characters in the show now. Note previously this man was among one of my most disliked characters in anime. But, after getting this man’s backstory and his reason for being how he is. This episode to me was beautiful yet sad as hell. So let’s talk about this week’s episode.

Natsuki Family

RIght off the bat. I have to say that this family is so amazing and great. As most people in that situation would reject their son. They would beat it into them. They would even do so much more to force them into that. But, his family is just on his side no matter what. They rarely asked questions about his decisions. They don’t fight, they just care and love for their son. Also they are all weird and I love it. That whole talk with the peas and everything else. Daily wrestling in the morning. That is just amazing.

Living in the Shadow of A Great Man

So the reason that Subaru was the way that he was. Is because of being in the shadow of his father. As everyone refers to him as a great man. Over and over again you get that beat into your head. Then, when you aren’t the best like your dad. You just give up. He gave up one everything as he didn’t have anything in the world that fills his satisfaction. So it resulted in rebellion and trouble making. Until all of his friends disappeared again. Leaving him empty again.

Then, when he then tried to start from zero in high school. He acted the same way that he acted in the beginning of the anime. But, it resulted in no friends, and everyone thinking that he is weird. Leaving him a depressing state. So when he entered the land of Re:Zero. I understand now why he acted the way that he did. Even though it is still cringe I respect the writing and care that was put into his character.

Father and Son

The whole conversation between Subaru and his dad was beautiful. This is a different type of isekai as they really keep breaking all of the troupes again and again. I love their dynamic of a different type of family bond. But, man that was amazing.

Mom’s Final Words

As much as I love Subaru and his dad’s conversation. I love the conversation that the mom and him have even more. As a mother is more relatable to Subaru. Having a similar mindset to Subaru. Saying that her mindset is similar to Subaru to a degree and she is his mother. Seeing that scene before he entered the new world. “Take Care” That was such an amazing line. That after that line I was in tears.

Never Being Able to have that Closure

The thing that made me cry the most. Is that he will never have this proper closure in the real world. As I believe that this is just a trial in his memories. So in the real world he will never have this conversation with his family. But this is something that . So seeing that man cry knowing that they will never meet again. Also the final words of his mother. That made me tear up. (Even as I am writing this I am tearing up).


So after overcoming his past he has Echidna in his classroom. In a school uniform (not complaining). Which means he pasted one of the trials I believe. As I wonder, will this make him a better character overall after these trials. What is the purpose of these and is it the same for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Giving us a proper backstory to the character of Subaru. While also improving his own character again. Giving us amazing parents that were perfect. Having a proper character growth arc for Subaru and everything that his character. This was amazing and I can’t wait for next week. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

That Ending Song Is Amazing

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