DBZ 100 Kanojo | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 26 Review

This chapter was as over the top as you can get. Like if I can put this whole chapter in one sentence it would be ridiculousness. As every moment from the beginning to the end was funny and made no sense whatsoever. But, I was laughing the whole time. So let’s talk about this week’s chapter.

DBZ 100 Kanojo

This week’s chapter continues with the food tournament as there are a final three. We start off with a round of bubble tea. With Shizuka dominating because she has a small mouth. As she is used to eating with many bits. Giving us a chipmunk picture with her that made me laugh a little. As this just felt like a pure Dragonball Z episode but with food. Having people react and then the over explaining of it. I love it.


I am really lost for words for the whole Nano scene. From beginning to end I was just like huh. It was enjoyable her putting herself against her fear to win for the team. She is just amazing. She is a fan favorite. Then we have the other girls eat in their individual rounds. With sweets and spicy rounds and girlfriend fun.

Time for Kurumi to Shine

Alright I am interested to see how the next chapter plays out. As this chapter was more focused on the current cast with Kurumi in the background. So how will she be in the next chapter as her with the lead. Will they win or will they lose? Will we have more tummy petting? Find out next time one 100 Kanojo.

Final Thoughts

Enjoyable chapter overall. This was pure Dragonball satire and I loved it. This post was a little late as my sleep schedule is all over the place. So I am not sleeping for 24 hours to fix it. Thanks to everyone reading this and until next time, be great my A&M people.

No Words Needed

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