Time To Defend Mami | Rent A Girlfriend Discussion

Well I have already made a claim that I love Mami’s character for her overall nature. As she is the main reason that I binged the whole manga in a day. So when I see hate for her character I feel like that it is a little bit unwarranted. I am not saying that her actions in the series are right. But, I will defend the best written character in this series.

Is She A Bad Person?

Now the short answer is no. She is not a bad person but she is morally a grey person in this series. Due to her being in the perspective of the main character Kazuya and his friends. They see it and us the audience see it as girl that used him. Then, dumped him and after seeing him happy made her upset. So just just wants to end the relationship due to her jealousy. Which is right in some aspects.

But, we have not scene both sides of the story. So I say until we see both sides of the break up we cannot say that she is trash or evil. One thing that I will say is that Mami has never been negative towards Kazuya when they were in a relationship. Also we never got anything but, short moments and dialogue(that was in spite) about their relationship. So I am just saying that she was pissed and she is a little crazy. So seeing her ex with another girl so quick ticked her off.

After They Break Up She Was Still Kind To Him & Defended Him

But, after they have broken up. She says nothing negative of him after they break up. Only her friends do and she shuts that down immediately. (The scene that made me very interested in her character and the series in general). She doesn’t date anyone when they broke up. He was the only one in college that she has dated. Even thought she got hit on multiple times. It is not until after seeing him with another woman so soon she gets a little evil as some people describe. So until we get her story I feel as if she cannot be claimed as a bad or evil character yet.

Her Character

Once again I am not defending the actions that she does. As in the first couple episodes she does lie, manipulate, and seduce the main character after they break up. But, she does it for a reason and until we see that reason. We cannot say that she is bad, trash, or whatever other word people use. Hell after this series is over I bet some people might even say she is the best girl. I just want the Mami hate to chill a little cause she is the best character to me.

Final Thoughts

Great way to start August. This is the first time that I am one the opposite side of the fence for something. But, hell she made me love this series. As she is such an interesting character and I can’t wait until we get her arc in the future. I am now on this hill and will fight anyone who says she isn’t a great waifu. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Say it with me “Mami Is Best Girl”

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