Hachiman’s Heartbreaking Decision | Oregairu (SNAFU) Season 3 Episode 4 Thoughts

I finally watched the episode this week and I didn’t expect this to be the episode to be the long awaited choice. It was really obvious after episode two of this season. But, man, I was not ready to see Yui in that state. As she is so kind of a soul that for the happiness of her friend she will give up the man that she loves. With having the choice to be with him at that very moment if she didn;t hold back her tears. As she held back her tears and behind her smile she basically gave up Hachiman to Yukino.

This episode was amazing and I also just realized that they basically gave us the last date between Yui and Haichiman right before this decision. From the opening theme to the way that this season started. I knew that this season was going to make me sad. I have been trying to mentally prepare for it since episode one. But, they hit you with that slow burn and boom time to talk.

I don’t know what is gonna happen now. As this friendship is one that is gonna be taught to be for the rest of their lives. But, this is one that I can help but be so invested in. Like how long till we see Yui again. What will happen in the future of the series. With so little episodes left. This can only end in so many ways. But, I am here for it to the end.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a while since I felt emotion for a serious love triangle. I was actually shocked when Hachiman addressed it too. I know that Hachiman is not stupid as he realizes the way that people act. But, seeing such a well written, main character is so surreal. Thanks for reading and Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Back to Back Weeks Crying for Anime.

2 thoughts on “Hachiman’s Heartbreaking Decision | Oregairu (SNAFU) Season 3 Episode 4 Thoughts

    1. I feel you on that. I tried to brace myself for it but when it happened it harder than a train. Also she really is an amazing character and one of the kindness souls in anime.

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