I Am So Lost But, So Intrigued | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 5 Review

So many f*cking questions this episode. Like what the hell man. My brain is on theory overload after this one. As I am wondering why did this happen. Where did she come from and who are you. Who’s side is everyone on. This episode is so confusing, yet interesting. As we got one of THOSE episodes. So let’s get into it.

Echidna and Subaru’s conversation

I do like this conversation between the two. Subaru is a better person now who is more improved and with a stronger resolve. Also, I am very interested in how this episode Subaru wants Emilia to have her moment. As he can take the trial also. But, instead he wants Emilia to take the trial in full. Actually trying to take a step back. Also I have to say that Echidna is such an interesting character that I must know more.

Emilia and Her Past

WHAT THE HELL did she go through. Seeing how she was shaking and the tremble in her voice(shout out to her voice actor). Emilia’s past is something that we need a whole arc around. (Spoilers for those who haven’t watched the prologue). As I have a feeling that she is the one that caused all of the elves in her forest to freeze. That is why she is struggling so much. It is something that she can’t go over alone. Maybe something that she can never overcome.

Roswaal Gamble?

I have a feeling that Roswaal knows about Subaru’s power. He might know a lot more that all of us think. As that whole conversation was just unreal. You can’t expect to take such a gamble for Emilia. So you can succeed. Also I have a feeling (theory incoming) that Roswaal is either part of or a former member of the Witches Cult. The way that he talks about Echidna. The way that he let the Witches Cult kill everyone and might know about Subaru’s power. This is something that I need to know more about. Also that Ram moment hit a little. Seeing that gave Subaru confirmation and sadness. I feel that for my man. Also what is it that Beako will answer?

Who is She?

I am very interested in this character. When Ram gave him a warning beforehand. It already tells me that she is no to be messed with. This whole conversation between them was very interesting to me. As she is another elf or half elf also. So she is gonna be very interesting in the future. Also I don’t know whose side anyone is on anymore. Who is good, who is bad, after the talk between Rem and Subaru. I am lost on who is good and bad now. But, I am very interested.

Leaving Everyone

Now I understand the reason. I just feel as if it was a little two easy to let her go. But, I do get the point. Also I always forget to talk about Garfiel as he is a very fun character. Also him and Ram shippers are going to be flooding reddit. But, I liked the conversation between him and Subaru as this is something that I enjoyed. I have a feeling that Garfiel is gonna be prominent in the future especially after what happened. So that will be interesting.

I Am Just Lost

I am not even gonna theorize or think anything right now. I am just gonna wait a minute and think about this. Cause at this point I am completely lost. I am though interested in what happens next and where his next reset point is. Will it be by at the beginning of the episode. Or will it be right after the Roswaal meeting.

Final Thoughts

This episode is starting to build up some interesting characters. As Roswaal is someone that I am very interested in. How will we get to Beako or will he be forced to take the trial to save everyone. Also Elsa is back and she is out for blood, specifically Subaru’s. So until next time be great my A&M people.

RIP My Brain Cells This Episode.

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