An Insane Offer | Kingdom Manga Chapter 649 Review

I missed my GOAT man. You know these Kingdom breaks make me appreciate this greatness even at a higher scale. When you give me a political chapter, alongside learning more about another state, and then giving us a shocking alliance. This would be already a 10/10 chapter. But then you give me THE STRONGEST MAN OF ALL OF CHINA after how long. This is purely a GOATed chapter. So let’s talk about it.

Qin Is Struggling Taking The Capital

Due To Qin Declaring War On All of the Lands they find themselves in a little bit of a sticky situation. As they are struggling with numbers to eliminate Zhou. As they are doing what Riboku told them. Which still doesn’t make sense why they don’t want Zhou to succeed. But, this is gonna be very interesting how they fair for this battle. Especially after that offer.

The Insane Offer

The offer that Qin sent to Wei is a three year Alliance. One that Wei helped to conquer Zhou. Then Qin and Wei work together against Chu. To take one of the strongest and most important cities. Literally being called infallible. Which is a very interesting offer giving Wei an advantage to defend in order to take Zhou. Which not only is possibly making a whole new threat in Wei. But, they might put Chu and Karin in full action.


I love to see other kingdoms and their standpoint to how things are in the world. Love the new characters and can’t wait to see what happens. I hope that we get to see more of the people in their state as I am so interested in how their land works. How is their king, who looks very competent compared to the Zhou. Also it seems like this is gonna be anarchy when this happens. So Wei fire dragons and possibly Moubu team up. This is gonna be insanity and I am all up for it.

Final Thoughts

This is gonna be a very interesting turn of events. As Qin and Wei worked together to fight Chu Already. This is gonna be insanity. Karin got her elephants ready. I can’t wait to see what Chu has to offer. This is gonna be very interesting. Thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

Now we gotta wait til Aug 20th for another chapter.

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