I Have Been Baptized By The Church Of Komi | Unfiltered A&M Talk #22

I just have to say that the last time that I have done an A&M post was March which is a very long time ago. Hell, the world was still normal when I did that post. But, hell for those that are new. This is where I just bull shit and talk about the blog, my life, and other random stuff.


I feel like this is something I have in every A&M predating to the first one. So I gotta keep it going. So I just finished my summer semester of college online and I had two weeks of break. Yet what do I do on that break. Play video games, watch anime, and not post on the blog for a week. I just want to start out saying that I just need to do better. I had many chances to post. Many projects in the works for this blog yet I was just lazy and unproductive.

Re: Zero

I just want to say that after this season Re: Zero might be up there as one of my favorites of the season. The lore and the mystery. The epic moments and the mystery that is still there to be. This is such an epic collection of episodes that this is gonna force me to buy all of the light novels after this season. Cause I am in love with it.


CK2 Once I got into the game I was mad cause it can get addicting as fuck. Like I was so lost in the game that I started to lose track of time. That was something that I couldn’t understand why I was addicted to this so much. But, hell I finally made the slavic union and forge alexander’s bloodline. So I feel like I can finally take a break from it and focus.

I Have Been Baptized By The Church Of Komi

A friend put me on to this series. And I have seen all of the memes of this. But, when I finally read it I did enjoy it. Komi is an amazing character for memes. The other characters are okay except the yandere cause I just hate her character so much. There are good written ones and ones that are trash and the one in this manga is one. I am 50ish chapters in and it’s good.

Final Thoughts

I will do better. Re:Zero Review tomorrow, Grand Blue Review incoming, Misfits Anime Review incoming, Uzaki Roast incoming, and hell I am rewatching one of my favorite series of all time that I haven’t touched since highschool just to do a segment on it. So that is incoming soon also. Until next time be great my A&M people.

Big things coming soon

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