Sisters | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 6 Review

Episodes like these are why I love this series so much. You build the characters. You give us the action and you make so much in this episode possible theory related. Like there is so much that happens in this episode that we just have to get right in it. So warning there will be spoilers as we talk about the greatness of Re:Zero 2nd Season Episode 6 called “The Maiden’s Gospel”.

Subaru Is Smarter And Improving

Alright starting off in this episode we have Subaru getting the hang of the death thing a little bit. He still makes mistakes here and there. But, this episode shows a little bit more maturity and better self this time. He tries to do everything better though this episode and boy is that something that I enjoyed. Also I am just happy that his character is so much better this season.


Yo seeing how Emila reacted this episode. While also being mad at Subaru for not letting her have her chance again. Or not believing in her in this timeline is so interesting. But, I am still so curious of her past and what she is going through in her head. That she constantly is in fear every time waking up. Also this is a very interesting point

Roswaal is So Interesting

Every time we have dialogue between those two. I get more and more interested in this man’s character. Like what is he thinking. Is he good or bad. What are his motivations? I can’t wait for more of his character and his mindset in the future.


I loved that Ram moment. All of it from beginning to end. Subaru explains the situation to Ram on the way there. Ram needed a moment alone with her. Knowing that it is her sister. Her feeling that her blood runs in her. At the end of the episode Ram says exactly what Rem would say in that moment. Show that they are truly sisters. This was something that I enjoyed. But, there’s a chance that Ram can remember her cause she did get hints of her memory.

Frederica & Garfield

Well this proved that Frederica is not a traitor. But it does make me interested in the dynamic between them. As she clearly cares for him. Also she has an ability to turn into a beast. Which looked cool. So what is Garfield’s transformation. Also what is it that Garfield gave him. Will that prevent his transformation or will that cause something else. What do those gems do?

Petra Best Daughter

Her this episode was amazing. Like the moments with her character really made me enjoy her character more. As she is someone that really cares for Subaru and is not at Rem level devotion. But, at a huge level of devotion for Subaru. But, I will admit that it was a little weird for them at that moment to joke. But, I do understand that they are just trying to say positive in a life or death situation.

Elsa’s Motivation

Smart of Subaru to try to get a name before he died. But, who called the hit on it. Who was the person that hired her. Was it a Princess, Roswaal, the Witches Cult, or someone we don’t even know about. I think Subaru has an idea, but who knows.

Mansion Invasion

How the hell is all of these people in the mansion. Like I understand Elsa. But, how the hell did a Ma-beast end up in the house. This is something that is addition to Elsa. So their is so many problems that are piling up. That this is gonna take a minute to figure out.


Of all times he is ready to die. This is the moment that he was ready to try again. He is saved by Beako. So I am interested in whether Petra will live or not. Cause what if the save point is right here. Thus all of those lives are gone. That would be something insane if they tried to do it.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing episode. Sorry for the longer wait for the review. I will make it quicker next time. This is a series that I am very interested in and boy is the writing in this amazing. I can’t wait for the next episode and what happens next. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

This moment was my favorite of the episode.

2 thoughts on “Sisters | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 6 Review

  1. Elsa saying she was supposed to time the killing of 2 maids and 1 shut-in (Frederica, Petra, and Beatrice) with Subaru’s arrival shows that whoever hired Elsa can see the future. Saying Subaru came earlier than expected indicates she expected him to come back at the same time he did last loop, which shows that the knowledge Subaru acquires from Return by Death can defy predictions of the future.

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    1. Thank you so much for that explanation. I thought that the shut in was Subaru. But, that makes more sense. That means that their is a person with a power to tell the future.

      Dang, now I have a crazy theories in my head that Priscilla or Roswaal have to be the person. As both of them have show the potential to have that ability. Either of their reasoning is a whole other topic on their own.

      Thanks for the clarification again.

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