Interesting Developments | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 7 Review

I loved this episode. As one thing that has been done so much is the motion that is put into the eyes of each character. I love the shock, the sadness, and the disbelief in every character in this anime. This is something that I love. Also, Beako is now right next to Roswaal as one of the characters that are high on my intrigue list. Besides that let’s get right into this episode called “Friend”.

So Beako is a Believer?

So Beako did not only save Subauru. But, she sealed him in the room. We then find out that she is a follower of the Witches Cult. So much so that it is something that I am still finding harder to believe every time that I think about it. I am just lost in the reasoning of Beatrice. So everything that Beako has done has been in accordance with that book. One that she holds so closely also.

So is that why she was sad for Sloth. Was his reason for being so insane cause he followed the gospel. Also who is Beako’s mother that she cares for so deeply. Possibly a witch? I can be here all this time making theories. But, I will be here forever. One more thing, did Elsa find the door or did Beako let her in according to the book?

I don’t know if I have said this before. But, I will say it again if I have. Re:Zero has one of the best female casts in the anime. The more I think about the princess to Beako this episode. The writing is something that I just love more and more watching the series.

The Scent Is Strong With This One

One thing that I wonder about the scent of the witch that always follows Subaru. Does it ever go down or is it something that is constantly rising. Like does it decrease overtime. As Garfield and the Ryuzu sense something about Subaru. But, did they smell it prior to his arrival. That is something that I am very interested in. Also what did Garfeild turn into as he is a halfblood unlike his sister who we found out is a quarter blood.


I have to say that Subaru and his reason for keeping Otto around is due to his hatred for him. As a little bit of hatred led to one of his deaths. As he only saw him as a person to consider money and his own well being over anything. So when Subaru saw him this time that Otto to this point was doing everything out of friendship. He was so shocked he just had to laugh. I like moments like that. Cause any sane person would never discuss themselves over

Roswaal Theory

At this point I am convinced that Roswaal is the key to stopping everything. From Elsa, the MaBeast, to save everyone. As something that Garfield said to Subaru that was really interesting is that he had the same eyes as Roswaal. Also someone brought up in my last review. That they knew about the amount of people in the mansion. In addition, in this episode was something that we are reminded that Elsa will not attack till Subaru returns.

So my theory is that Roswaal also has one of two abilities. To return by death similar to Subaru. Meaning he knows about Rem (Which is something that was not asked of him to this point). Or he has the ability to see the future. Which is constantly changing due to Subaru. Why he is constantly testing him over and over again. Due to his interest in him.

Final Thoughts

This was a very solid episode. The first 5 minutes with Beako still feels unreal to me. As she is someone that I need to know more about. Subaru had a lot of time to think about stuff this episode so we will find out if he uses it properly after this episode. So much can happen and I can’t wait. So thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

Beako is becoming an amazing character.

9 thoughts on “Interesting Developments | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 7 Review

  1. There are some things that are contradictory if Beatrice is indeed a Witch cultist based on what she has said in the past. Beatrice said in episode 7 of Season 1 that Subaru being someone favoured by the Witch makes him a burden and that she’d rather not stay in his room in episode 8 of Season 1 because it reeks of the stench of the Witch of Envy. This suggests that she doesn’t have the Witch of Envy’s scent and actually HATES that scent and the Witch herself as opposed to Petelgeuse, who refers to the strength of the scent as how much love the Witch has for a cultist (He said the love hanging on Subaru is equivalent to that of a Sin Archbishop). Then again, there is probably a way to hide the smell of the Witch or else the Witch Cult wouldn’t have been able to embed itself so deeply in society. Beatrice calling Satella the worst of the worst and Beatrice being a member of the Witch cultist just doesn’t seem like something that can be reconciled in my opinion.

    But if Beatrice is not a Witch Cultist, there are many questions that need to be answered. How does she have a Gospel, and why can she read a Gospel? How was she friends with Petelgeuse, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony? If her “Mother” is not the Witch of Envy, Satella, who is it? Does Puck calling Beatrice his little sister in Season 1 mean that they have the same “Mother”?

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    1. (Sorry for some reason this was in spam. I am seeing this after your second comment.)

      Actually do you think that it is possible that her mother could have been a witch. The reason that she hates Satella like many people is because she murdered her mother being one of the witches. Something that could have lead to the development of her clinging on to the books being the last of her mothers will?


      1. Maybe her mother was one of the witches, but I wonder which one it could be if she really was a Witch. I thought all Gospels came from the Witch of Envy though. But if your theory is correct, not all Gospels come from Satella.

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      2. I had just looked at the Opening to season 2 and the witch designs and one of them does have blonde hair. I, then, re-watch the scene about the witches in episode 3 of this season. She is most likely the daughter of Minerva the witch of Wrath.

        Also about the Gospel, Beatrice did seem larger than the one that Subaru had. So maybe it is one that is another witches version of the Gospel that was made for her alone.


  2. I forgot to mention that Ryuzu identified herself as Ryuzu Shima this time instead of Ryuzu Bilma? She was also wearing a white outfit this time compared to the black one that Ryuzu Bilma uses? Considering that the first Ryuzu Subaru met was wearing a white outfit when he was teleported by Frederica’s crystal, does that mean it was Ryuzu Shima who led Subaru to Echidna? Are Ryuzu Bilma and Ryuzu Shima split personalities or 2 separate people?

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    1. I didn’t even notice that minor detail. That is something that I didn’t notice. Also the scene when she feed him could have been her other personality also. As that was another small scene that was small but, could have also showed her personality change. Great catch.


  3. I think that scene of Otto listening with his ear this episode was him using his Soul of Language Divine Protection just like in Season 1 to hear living creatures to find out the fastest route to catch up to the carriage that had Emilia, the kids in it, and the fire stones that were going to explode. This time he used it to find out whether Garfiel was still on waiting for Emilia to complete the first trial.

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  4. I noticed I forgot to comment on the Witch’s scent getting stronger on Subaru. Given how Garfiel was friendly with Subaru in the first loop after Subaru made the time to talk to him, I don’t think the smell was too bad at the time. But Garfiel is becoming increasingly more antagonistic towards Subaru after each time he dies shows that the smell is growing stronger.

    I think the reason for this is that every time Subaru dies, his soul goes to the afterlife where Satella’s soul is trapped. And there is an afterlife since Petelgeuse said in Season 1 that he was looking forward to reuniting with the Witch of Envy as Puck was about to kill him. The legendary dragon, sage, and hero probably sealed Satella’s soul in the afterlife since they couldn’t destroy her body. I think if Subaru’s soul spends a lot of time with Satella, then his soul will probably smell a lot like hers. I think if Subaru spends a decent amount of time surviving, the smell won’t be as strong, but right now, he has been killed by Elsa twice in a span of one or two days, so the smell of the Witch on him right now must be really really strong. I do think the Witch’s scent can decrease over time, but with Subaru dying so fast in succession, there is not that much time for the scent to dissipate.

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