Tatsumaki Greatness | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 132-133 Review

You know I don’t talk about One Punch Man on this blog a lot. But, it is one of my favorite manga of all time. So I just wanted to see if I can have a dialogue about it. So here’s my thoughts on Tatsumaki vs Psykos so far.


Well I will start off with this. This fight is the definition of hype. It is already up there as one of my favorites in the series. Going up there with Metal Bat vs Garou and Saitama vs Boros. As this fight right here is one that is just amazing. Like from the beginning to the end. Slicing through earth. Tatsumaki and that smile. The exchanges that they had. This is overall just beautifully drawn.

Why I Love Tasumaki

I always enjoyed her personality and cockiness as the number 2 hero. Also her care for her sister is something that I enjoyed a lot. Then in this arc, particularly in this fight that is going on. I found an even greater appreciation for her character. As she is basically overpowered and goofy just like Saitama. But, she does it in her own way that I love.

Clash of Ideologies

Also I love how Phycotic found God after forming her new power. So when she was going on about how she will do all of this. About the reasoning about Psychics in the world and how she will become one with the universe. Then you just have Tasumaki saying that it is all stupid. I love this woman.

The King Stupidity

I just love how no one questions King at all. Including Tastumaki as she just casually thinks without even seeing his power once. That this is not his fighting style. I just love that no one will ever find out about this man.


I know this story way too much. So anyone one wants to take bets on the page number. I am gonna give it til page 5. This happens everytime. But, I guess that means the end of the fight is coming soon. So we’ll see what happens.

Saitama Being Saitama

I love this man. We all know how it is gonna end. But, man it’s funny seeing Saitama just chilling in the background with Flashy Flash. The belt thing is something funny also.

Final Thoughts

Hyped chapter, Tasumaki is amazing as always, if season 2 got animated properly this series would probably be just amazing. Well thanks for reading this. I don’t do these if ever so until next time be great my A&M people.

Who will win? (As if everyone doesn’t know)

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