It is time to start the Junko Invasion my friends. This chapter is hyped, Chu is amazing, and we get to see a Great General in Action (Maybe two). This whole war is something that is just gonna be fun. So let’s get into this chapter.

Chu General are Already Amazing

Finally getting introduced to the Chu General that protects this great city. It must be something crazy. As they have been itching for a fight this whole time. Hell instead of staying closed in the city. They decided to come out themselves. As this is


Man, I love her character. As she is patiently waiting to figure out Qin’s move. Wait for the perfect moment to crush them all. So this is gonna be very interesting how it will play out. But, Chu is gonna be epic.

The Great General Moubu

This many is insane, this man has complete belief in ShouHeiKun, this man THE STRONGEST MAN. When his son kept telling him to wait and you just saw him say. Look at my men, this is my sight. All of his people are crazy war hungry people. That is just in love with war. He doesn’t care if it is 30000 to 80000. All he cares about is that victory.

Final Thoughts

This is gonna be an epic war. What will Wei do in the process. Who will they bring. What will Karin do in the meantime. A lot can happen in this Junko invasion. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

What does Karin do in her off days if she has any.

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