Ladies Man Kohei? | Grand Blue Manga Chapter 62.5 Review

4 manga reviews in a row. I am on fire this week. But, time to talk about one of my favorite series Grand Blue. As this month’s chapter is a side story. So it is good for building up the characters and their motivations. While also giving us pure comedy. The bad part is that it is a toss up whether it is good or not. But, let’s get into this months chapter called “Cafeteria 1”

Cafeteria 1

So like many colleges there are many areas to eat around your major. Like for example my college has a chinese restaurant near all of the business degrees. But, bak to the actual story the guy has never been outside their own cafeteria as all of them are engineering majors. But, they decided to go out to another cafeteria. To find out that it is filled with girls. So they try to make moves on them and fail. 

Ladies Man Kohei 

This man is getting pounced on at this point. He has one look and everyone is thirsty as hell to him. When he is just trying to eat and enjoy his 2D girls (With the slight chance of Cakey). But, he has these girls trapping him. It was fun to see this as he is famous in the school similar to Iori.

But, Iori’s Famous For the Wrong Reasons

I love that Iori can have normal conversations with people. Until he says his name to them. As he is famous to the girls in the college. Just for the wrong reasons. As he is the school pervert. So any girl out of his circle are ones that he will succeed with. 

Final Thoughts

This was a fun chapter. This is slowly proving my Kohei and Cakey theory to the max. While also making me love Kohei’s character more. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Chisa is Always Fun To See

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