Manga You Might Like #1

I read a ridiculous amount of manga a day. So I was just thinking that I should start talking about these series weekly cause I have about 1000 in my head that I just want to recommend so it can get out there more. As some of these will be unknown while others might be very know. I am here just to show you a manga that you might like. So lets get into them with three series this week. 

Who Made me a Princess by. Plutus & Spoon (80+ Chapters) 

This manga in a nutshell to me is one of the best father daughter stories that I have ever read. As the plot revolves around a girl that reads a book about a princess that is neglected by her father. To then get sent to that world from the birth of that princess. The series I can relate this the most to is My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! But, done with a smarter and more fleshed out main protagonist and cast overall. The art is amazing and the writing of the series so far just hooks you the more that you read. 

Hino-san no Baka by. Tarou Kinniku (60+ Chapters) 

Now this manga is a Yuri version of the series Teasing Master Takagi-san. The plot revolves around Koguma who is a sweet girl and class president that tries to make her lazy classmate get to class. You see a lot of teasing a wholesome moments between the two girls and see their relationship develop during the story. 

Kanojo mo Kanojo by. Hiroyuki (24+ Chapters)

I will start off with this manga is stupid. The characters are stupid, the plot is stupid, and the comedy is stupid. BUT I LOVE IT. As it revolves around a man that is committed to his childhood friend. But, he meets a new girl and things just get ridiculous. This is a comedy and everything is over the top in this series. This is a must read for some laughs every week. Also this is made by the creator of Aho Girl so that might raise your interest. 

Final Thoughts.

These series are one that I read off the fly and enjoyed. So try them if you are interested and hopefully you might like it. Thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

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