Top 10 Strongest Characters of Gintama

I just felt in a Gintama mood this week as the anime conclusion is coming soon. So here I am making a power scaling list. If you haven’t finish the manga or at least watch to where the anime is (for minor spoilers). I highly recommend that you got watch and read Gintama. It is the GOAT anime for a reason. So lets get to the list.

10) Kagura

Now time to start off the list controversial. As she is the daughter of the current universe’s strongest man Umibouzu. Along with the Yato blood running in her. She is very strong on her own. But, when she awakened that blood in her she destroyed a veteran fighter of the same race. While also having some amazing fights against the likes of her brother and Unsturo. I feel that she is the stronger than the entity of the Shinsigumi and that is because of her blood alone.

9) Katusura

This man is a veteran fighter that has gone near insane due to war. But, he is still funny as hell. But, the few times that he is serious in all of Gintama. He can be at the level of Gintoki and Takasugi maybe even stronger.

8) Housen

Former ruler of the Yato. A man that Gintoki nearly lost to if it wasn’t for the Sun. He is very formidable and strong for his age.

7) Oboro

I am counting him to the point were he fought Takasugi. As he was a very formidable opponent in the series. As a member of the Tenshouin Naraku group along with having the blood transfusion he was that dude.

6) Gintoki Sakata

We all know what Gintoki has been trought in this sreies. As he isn’t the strongest but has the biggest heart. As he won’t give up until what he has to protect is their to protect. But, when it comes to overall streght he really can be put any where in this list. But I put him here due to chapter 703.

5) Shinsuke Takasugi

If you read chapter 703 you know why I put him here. But, I have to give him his props as he is the only person that was serious throughout the whole franchise.

4) Kamui

He is a very interesting person. As he is clearly next up to be the strongest in the world (to me). As his obsession with fighting and his motivation to be the strongest. Having all of that talent and putting it to use. That is the reason that I put him here.

3) Umibouzu

He had the title of strongest in the universe for a reason. Being one of the few Yato clan memebers in the series. The man that could have beaten Utsuro solo (If he wasn’t immortal and all). I have to say that this man is well desevering of his title.

2) Utsuro

This man is the definition of broken. If you have seen the series. You know how hard it was to defeat this man. So I have to say that this man was one of a kind final villian.

1) Kouka

The only thing that could have defeated this women. Is the care for her children and her love one. She to me is the strongest in Gintama, not because she has the Yato blood and the only other person in the universe to have the same blood of Utsuro in her. But, she is stronger in the mind and soul. As she to me is the definition of a Silver Soul.

Final Thoughts

A little bit corny at the end. But, that is my list. Who do you think is the strongest in the series. As Gintama is ridiculously hard anime to power scale. Due to half of these people expect the top three to be centimeters away from one another. But, thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

I always wondered are Kamui and Kagura immortal due to their mother?

One thought on “Top 10 Strongest Characters of Gintama

  1. KAMUI is the strongest in my opinion. I guess after Utsuro. I don’t count Kouka in any of the strongest simply because she’s never shown other than flashbacks. I believe she would be in the top 3 but…. Yeah.


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