Forming a Plan In Middle of Battle | Kingdom Hype Moment

I love the Zhou Invasion as it is an amazing arc in Kingdom. But, the one of the moments that gave me a lot of respect for the character of Ousen is in chapter 512. As a lot of doubt was placed in the armies after taking the weak city of Restubi. So the leader of all of the armies leading the Zhou Invasion vanished in the middle of the night.

As he needed to see if this was still possible with the weak city of Retsubi and the finding out the city of Gyou was near perfect. With an idea that popped in his head. He needed a map to formulate a plan. But, that plan needed to be formulated in the middle of Zhou territory with a small secret crew.

As Zhou troops find them. Ousen’s men say they outnumber us to one and all that this man Ousen said was “will that be an issue”. His right hand said take all the time that you need. You then just see his men go ham as this man makes the plan to capture Gyou on the spot in the middle of battle.

I love this moment for Ousen’s character as he has that much belief in his men. While also the insanity to make a plan on the spot in front of Gyou with a small group. This is why Ousen became one of my favorite generals after this moment. As this was just a pure hype ,moment.

Final Thoughts

Well thanks for reading. I love this manga and I hope to talk about more hype moments in the future. Until then, be great my A&M people.

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