The Conclusion to OreSuki | Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo: Oretachi no Game Set Thoughts

OreSuki was an anime that I covered when it aired in fall of 2019. As it was reaching its conclusion of the anime. It ended prematurely. Leaving in the middle of an arc. Thankfully they came out with this OVA a year later to give the season and the anime as a whole a proper conclusion. So I wanted to talk about the anime a little bit and what I enjoyed. As similar to the anime I stop doing reviews for it leaving my thoughts on it incomplete.


I like the character of Joro a lot in the series. As he is this person that tries to be this tough guy and ahole to everyone. But, he will always do things for his friends first. I like the ending of the anime as when he had to choose a main girl. He confessed to all of the girls so that they can maintain their friendship and not fight over him. I like that ending for his character as he walked off with Sumireko to probably seal the deal in secret to everyone. If we are being honest.


I enjoyed this man’s backstory. I liked his character in the second half of the anime. With this OVA or movie explaining the reason how he became friends with Joro in the first place. Putting on a face and hiding your insecurities is something that a lot of people do. To make friends and to feel accepted in the world and I really liked that writing for his character.


Didn’t care for him in his introduction. Don’t care for him after his defeat. I didn’t like and still didn’t like the last arc of this series. As it made being the main character a vital point to the series. Which is something Gintama did for an arc also and I didn’t like that also. It might just be me. I still love moments in both of the series but, man.


Remembering the girls of the series after a year. Then watching the movie. I have to say that I care nothing for Himawari and Asunaro, Cosmos is the funniest, Pansy is funny and hot, and Sasanqua is too pure for this world. I could care less for them as the writing for them was not good. Especially for Pansy basing her backstory around a 4th wall break.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that this series got this to conclude the arc that was stopped midway through. As this was an hour of comedy and fun. I was happy to watch this today. If there’s still more to this story I will be wait to watch. If this is the end it was a fun ride and a solid anime all together now. Thanks for reading this and Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Sasanqua is best girl.

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