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***Spoilers For Hunter X Hunter (2011) Anime***

Me procrastinating knowing I got work to do.

You know I had a lot of posts that were gonna come out today. But, I randomly rewatched one episode of the Chimera Ant Arc and I don’t know why but, once I start Hunter X Hunter sometimes, I just can’t stop. The arc is so great that I disregarded all my responsibilities and I just watched Hunter X Hunter. I was planning to come out with two posts today, also just now remembering that I have an homework assignment due at midnight and I am gonna start it after this post. But, here is some talk about a series that might never end.

Merum and Gon’s Duality

I really love the dynamic between these two people in this arc. The way that as Meruem was becoming more human in the world. Getting closer and closer to the light. While Gon was on a path of vengeance, he became more and more like a monster. Having both of them sit in the same position also during that arc. I loved that writing that was put into their character and that being a whole thing in the arc.


I go back and forth between Hisoka and Merum to who is my favorite antagonist in this series. At the moment it is Hisoka cause I was watching the election arc again right and when this man is just being extra as hell I am just laughing. The way that Hisoka and Illumi is something that they enjoy. Rewatching them and their banter is something funny to see. Also I ship him with Machi.


I swear that money doesn’t matter in this world. As somehow you get free rides everywhere. You get jobs that just pay you millions to billions of dollars. Then, you have people casually giving one another millions in their banks. Like what the hell is that.

Final Thoughts

I love Hunter X Hunter as it is a series that I will never forget. I am still hoping to see the Hisoka Chrollo fight happen. As that is something that I need to see before I die. That is near the top of my anime bucket list. Well thanks for reading this post. Now, I hope I put in actual work for my next post. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Me realizing I got to start Homework.

Man this series is an addiction.

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