Sumi Fun | Kanojo Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend) Chapter 155 Review

I have been meaning to start reviewing this series for a while. But, I didn’t know how to give it a proper review. If you don’t know anything about me. I am a Mami stand and I will defend her this entire series. As she is the main reason that I love this series so much. But, since she hasn’t been in the manga for a good minute I wanted to wait until her return. As I was planning on making reviews as soon as she reentered the story and she has now(kinda). So let us get to my first review of Rent A Girlfriend on chapter 155 titled “The Girlfriend and The Sudden Trip”

The Problem I Have with Kazuya

The reason that I like this manga so much in the beginning was not only Mami. But, the relationship that Kazuya and Chizuru developed in the story. As I felt that progression was happening but, in the moment, Chizuru needed this man the most. He didn’t man up and hold her man. Like you couldn’t hug her or nothing man. Both of you know you guy are more than just a Rent A Girlfriend and Buyer relationship and way more than just neighbors.

But, instead you are spreading time with Sumi (who is an amazing soul that no one don’t deserve). As I understand that it was her plan to cheer you up. But, this is just a personal gripe I have with the harem protagonist. As they all seem spineless and I can understand it from Kazuya’s side a little but, you just need to do better and be less horny. That is why I am hoping that Sumi gives him the push to talk to her or something.

Sumi’s Trip

Speaking of Sumi, she convinced Kazuya to head to the beach with him. But, the reason of her is very interesting. Is she making a move or trying to support him and Chizuru by giving him that push. It was a fun trip except all of the time that Kazuya got horny. But, that is part of his character that I hope changes in the near future.

Sumi Shouts

What is it that she shouted. Motivation for herself and Kazuya indirectly? Or could it be something crazy like a love confession? Who knows gotta wait until next week’s chapter. So that is gonna be very interesting for the next chapter.

Final Thoughts

Well this was my first review. I probably was a little negative on this one. Mainly because the character progression is something that is starting to feel stagnant to me. It can only go up from here. I am glad that BEST GIRL MAMI made a small appearance in this chapter. Motivating me to start reviewing this series. So thanks for reading this trash reveiw and until next time be great my A&M people.

Mami Is Best Girl

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