Top 5 Sites To Buy Manga Online

I actually organized my bookcase.

Trying to start a manga collection and don’t know where to start. Well here are my top 5 sites that I recommend to upcoming manga collectors. As a person that has been collecting for about 3-4 years. With over 200 volumes under my belt. I am just gonna hand some wisdom to the future and maybe even some current collectors of manga. So here are the top five sites to collect.

5) Ebay

Positive: Extremely Cheap Manga
Negative: Most Likely Second Hand Manga

Ebay is a site that can be amazing for you or poor. Personally, the worst case of a manga that I have gotten was one that had a marker marking on a page. But besides that all of the manga and even light novels that I have purchased from ebay have been taken care of when I received them. Also you can find some gems of deals on ebay. So this is a must for new people wanting to complete a collection and can’t find a certain volume.

4) Barnes & Noble

Positive: Amazing Sales during the year,
Negative: Price for manga is always full price.

Now this is up here as once a year I remember. As I haven’t purchased manga from here in about a year. But, it would have these buy two manga get one free and that would save me so much money on bulk buying. I believe that I purchase all of either Food Wars or Vinland Saga on that sale alone and save so much in the process.

3) Book Depository

Positive: Worldwide Shipping
Negative: Near Full Price Manga

Now this site is one that I am the least familiar with. As this site’s manga is just too pricey for my taste. But, for people all over the world in non-american countries. This is one of the best sites to get manga. So this is for all of the international people due to its shipping.

2) Amazon

Positive: Quick Shipping (depending on location)
Negative: Packaging quality is always a mystery whether it is good or bad.

Now this is where I started out purchasing manga and I still pre-order manga when I am interested in a series. But, the packaging of Amazon is so trash that I only purchase box sets from the site now. As they can’t get damage as easily as the others. The plus side thought is the quick packaging and manga being able to ship in various places. But, depending on the location there are series that you might not be able to get.

1) RightStuf

Positives: Cheaper Manga & Great Packaging
Negatives: Long Economy Shipping Time

I love this site. As it has new manga for low prices. Not only that but you get free shipping after you hit a certain price and sales come all of the time. This is the best manga site to me and it hasn’t done me wrong once. So if you’re american or Canadian this is the site for you. (Future Dez Here: Best for American manga buyers as Canadian buyers have to pay an extra 200 for free shipping so only if you are making a huge manga haul I would purchase as a Canadian)

Final Thoughts

Well I hope that you enjoyed this post in my return after a sport related hiatus. Thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Sites To Buy Manga Online

  1. Personally, I prefer Amazon over Rightstuf. Don’t get me wrong, Rightstuf is a cool site and I’d love to be able to use it more, but the amount of money you need to spend in order to get free shipping to Canada is way too high, so I only use it occasionally. is just way more convenient for me.

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    1. I didn’t realize that the difference was a whole two hundred dollars extra until you noted it. For some reason I thought it was 50 US and 100 Canada and I was far wrong. Thanks for catching me on that.

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