I Know Hell | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 10 Review

Alright let’s get into episode 10 of Re: Zero called “I Know Hell”. An amazing title for this greatness that we are getting right now. We got Satella, Garfield’s power, Subaru’s new power, and the fateful meeting begins this episode. So let us talk about it.


First thing I want to touch on is Satella’s powers. As she has this ability to inguple everyone in herself. Taking possibly their memories and their lives also. Which seems like a power where she can’t get close to anyone in the world. Did she acquire this power to obtain Subaru in this world or is this just some ability that is not even close to her true power. The way that got angry about the witches is interesting to me. As she was in her own world constantly saying I love you to him. The very moment that Subaru said that he would choose the witches over her. She losted it, putting him in the dark void taking in everyone’s memories. The way that it was shown looked like pure hell.

Echidna Save This Man

She came in the clutch this time. The sole reason that she asked for the handkerchief was so that this man can restart again. As he was in a predicament that he might have never had a chance to leave. But, before he restarted he got a chance to look at her face. I was curious if he could even go back. As it was Satella that made him like this. So I thought that he was gonna be in a never ending loop with her.

But, he managed to stab himself. Before the restart she managed to see the witch. Who looked like Emilia. But, to me it was not Emilia. But, when Subaru saw her. I believe that he saw Emilia as he was losing blood and tried to wipe her tears. Satella is such an interesting character to me that I can’t wait to find out more about her.


So something that I wonder. As they connect to Emilia and Satella become greater every episode. She didn’t come out of the trial room as she normally did. As this time she came out more confident. I don’t know if it was seeing Subaru in a weak state. Or possibly help from Satella for her being stronger this timeline. But, man this man really just came from hell itself.

I love the conversation that her in Subaru had in private. Her missing Puck that has just vanished for a reason that we still do not know. Him being gone all of this time has to be for a great purpose. Maybe Puck and Rosewall made a deal. Or a fight with another Spirit to protect Emilia.


So after seeing Garfield with the clones. Along with all of the memories that appeared in his head. He learned of a new location in the land. That being a tomb that held the original Ryuzu body in crystal. As we find out that Ryuzu are all clones that Echidna made on a quest for immortality. But, got cut short. But, she made a contract that anyone that is a Greed Apostle has all of the clones with no soul or emotion as personal servants that served the Apostle.

Subaru and Garfield

Subaru made it to a point now that death is trial and error now. So he is gonna try everything till something goes his way. Until he succeeds no matter how many times that he dies. You can see that fearlessness when he encountered Garfield again. As he plans to meet Beatirce without anyone knowing. The way that he and Garfield talked was amazing. As all that Subaru was thinking was what do I have to do to have this man on my side. Insanity is in a man is at a all time high now.


I want all of episode 11 to just be a dialogue between these two. I want that episode 18 of season one next episode. As this conversation between them is one that can shift the whole series. So much can be answered and so much can happen. Beatrice is already smiling for it. This next episode is gonna be amazing. I might be my favorite of the season depending on how it goes.

Final Thoughts

Amazing episode once again. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the anime episode. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

Subaru’s Harem might reach over 9000 if you include Ryuzu.

2 thoughts on “I Know Hell | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 10 Review

  1. I rewatched this episode 9, and I think I might have spotted something important. I believe Echidna hinted to Subaru how to do things properly to get past his current troubles. She said she has no hope of getting Emilia to break her out of her shell, but maybe Subaru could do it since he’s intent on doing everything over and over again.

    “Even in three days of trial and error, I can’t hold out any hope that she’ll break out of her shell. Or perhaps… you can do it? Since you’ve made up your mind to keep repeating everything, could you give wings to the cowardly princess?”

    Echidna implies here that she tried to change Emilia’s trial up (maybe starting from the previous loop in which Emilia went through the trial 4 times), and suggested that maybe Subaru could get Emilia to break out of her shell, doing what Echidna herself couldn’t do, but Subaru mistakenly believes that “Or perhaps… you can do it?” meant that he should definitely undergo the trial himself in Emilia’s place because that’s the mindset he has been operating under for a while, and he has tunnel vision.

    Maybe Subaru should encourage Emilia to face what she is afraid of in her trial head-on and not be afraid to face it instead of trying to protect her from everything as he always does.

    In episode 10, Subaru realized when he was in the shadow that Echidna knew what was going to happen. That’s probably why she meddled with the handkerchief and turned it into a special knife/blade that allowed Subaru to kill himself. But if she did know what was going to happen, that means that she too can see the future. If Beatrice and Roswaal have the two copies of the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom (Beako reveal episode 7, Roswaal reveal episode 9), that means Echidna must have the original Tome of Wisdom. I wonder what her endgame goal is since she’s deliberately helping Subaru, and if I’m right, even changed up Emilia’s trial three times two loops ago in an attempt to get Emilia to break out of her shell. Given that Emilia looks like Satella, who killed Echida, why would Echidna help Emilia? If Echidna really is helping Subaru, she probably hinted that the way to solve this loop is to get Emilia to pass the trial.

    Judging by Beatrice’s reaction at the end of the episode, she expected Subaru to come back through her not-quite-Tome of Wisdom and is expecting Subaru to free her from her current contract of being the guardian of the Forbidden Library. Let’s see if adding Beatrice to Subaru’s party will change anything. Does Beatrice even have any offensive spells?

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