The Witches | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 9 Review

I have rewatched this episode too many times now. As I was just too overwhelmed by the greatness of this episode to even talk about it properly. So I took a day which became a week due to school to sit on this episode and give it a proper review. As this episode gave a lot of information that I want to talk about before watching the new episode today. As it had a lot of information. A lot of theories were being proven and some new ones made. There was a lot in this episode so let us discuss episode 9 of Re:Zero.

Convo With Best G… I Mean Echidna

I loved the conversation beforehand as Subaru finally got to explain his mindset and his true thoughts about Satella to someone, As he is truly lost in her fixation on him. It was even interesting that Echidna, a person that has known her for so long, has no idea how her mind works also. But we learn that most likely that no matter what Subaru wont die. As Satella plans on making sure that he doesn’t die. Why him and what is her plan is still a mystery.


Trying to tackle the next obstacle in the series being the rabbits of death. Echidna had a plan to let Subaru meet her fellow witch in Echidna as they are all inside. She had plan for him to me Gluttony until a little girl appeared that being the witch of Pride named Typhon. She is insane off the gate. Ripping off his arm and shattering his body to bits and pieces. 


She is my second favorite witch at the moment. As her introduction from falling from the sky with the hearts was funny. As she saved Subaru and put him back together. She seems like the nicest out of all of the witches. As her personality and her meaning of love and stuff is a cute quirk to her. I hope that we see her and the other witches in the future of the series. As she was a fun character. 

Also this is the woman that I theorized to be the mother of Beatrice. I am still sticking to that. But, one thing that I wonder is if  this is Beatrice’s mother would she act like this when no one is around. Minerva the witch of Wrath is very interesting. 


We finally get introduced to Daphne and she is very interesting. As the reason behind her chains has to be her being unchain is a never end hunger that is never satisfied by anything. As I like her idea of food and needing it to be alive. Trying to solve the state of hunger but keeping the balance in her own right. I like that the witches to me all seem like when they where alive that they where morally grey. Doing their own thing in their way. 

Out of all the witches that we have been introduced to. She has to be one of Scariest behind Satella. As I feel the second that those chains come off she is a beast while eating anything. As I was fearing that she was about to eat Subaru for a minute. But, I do like her character in this episode.  

Final Words

After getting the necessary information on the rabbits from Dahpe. We got a cute moment with Echidna which is always appreciated. While also getting some information about entering this tea party again. But, it seems that this party has come to an end. With Subaru’s goal of passing  the trial. 

But, before leaving we get confirmation that the memories will stay with him. As she requested the memories of the handkerchief given by Petra. As I feel like that something in his memory with her is messed up. But, what it is we will find this out next time. 


What an introduction to the witch of Envy Satella. As this was just masterful. The whole story felt like it was just in another world. Like I had headphone on during this scene and when she whispered in Subaru’s ear. I felt that she was right there with me. She kinda broke the fourth wall when she was saying that I love you. Constantly saying it over and over again. But, why?

What is her obsession with this man that she pulled out of another world. Did she see his backstory and fall in love with him that way. Did she possibly possess Emila when Subaru didn’t comfort her when she woke up. She is one of the most interesting characters to me and I can’t wait to find out more about her in the future. 


There is so much that I wonder about this man. But, at the end of the day I feel like he is somehow on our side. But, in his own twisted way. There is so much to wonder about with him. Is he actually a witch cultist. What are his powers in the series? Can he see the future? Was he the one that sent Elsa? So much and more that I can’t wait to find out about.

Final Thoughts 

Amazing episode, can’t wait to find out what happens next. Since I get to watch the new episode right after finishing this post. Thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time, be great my A&M people. 

Favorite Witch Rank: Echidna, Satella, Minerva, Daphne, Typhon

2 thoughts on “The Witches | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 9 Review

  1. 2 weeks, I said I thought Frederica’s crystal sent Subaru to the future, but on a rewatch, I saw a speck of snow fly by before he got teleported, which shows he wasn’t sent to the future. He just got knocked out until it was morning. So I now infer that the snow was caused by Puck after watching this episode for additional context. Subaru thinking back to building full of empty clothes when Echidna said deserted fields are the only evidence the Great Rabbit leaves behind must mean that the Great Rabbit ate every last piece of flesh of the Arlam villagers, Roswaal, Ryuzu, and Garfiel, as well as drinking all of their blood too. There being plenty of snow but no sign of Puck meant that the Great Rabbit ate Puck too, which is a scary thing.

    Roswaal, in the post-credits scene, appears to have the same book as Beatrice, so he has the second copy of the not-quite Tome of Wisdom. I wonder if this book is what allowed Roswaal to figure out that Subaru can redo things.

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