All Out War | Kingdom Manga Chapter 652 & 653 Review

Time to talk about that Kingdom greatness. As these two chapters were just amazing with the all out war where no one is safe. Everyone is here for blood and this is just amazing. With three states and one prize on the line let’s get right into these two chapters of Kingdom.

Hakurei with the Arrows

First thing I want to shout out is Hakurei with the arrow assault. As he is a person that I hope gets a lot more shine in the future. As I believe that he is Mouten’s or Kyoukai’s final battle in the series. So seeing him strike down some soldiers with the arrow techniques was really good to see out of him. Showing his prowess of teaching his army his bow and arrow techniques. Making their army a

Wei Has Arrived

With Chu on the winning side of the battle. Having all of the momentum come their way. Wei comes to save them, forming the alliance for three years. To make the battlefield even. As they come with an addition of 70,000 men. Making it 120,000 vs 110,000 an even battle.

Juuko is Built Different

Yo these guys from Chu are different. Because in the face of an actual threat they got even more excited when Wei came. As these men time and time again have been thirsting for battle. But, Jukoou got really excited. These guys are all for this war. Showing that this is gonna be a good one man.

New Formation

With the threat of Wei. Junkoou made a new formation to defend against both armies. Officially starting the war of Qin and Wei against Chu for the land of Juuko. I love the full page spread of the formation and an official introduction to all of the generals of the war. Seeing the matchups that we are getting. There are some interesting battles that we can get in this war.

Alliance Failing Already

Even thought Rokuomi brought the troops of both armies together to fight a bigger evil in Chu. Ranbihaku of Wei decided to say f**k that and is just attacking anyone in his path. So this alliance is not the best at the moment. Everyone is fighting and this is just a fun time.

Final Thoughts

Alot happened in these chapters and it was just hype. Everyone is fighting and people are colliding everywhere. Can’t wait for the next chapter of this epic war. I wonder if the Chu duo will come out next chapter. Or will Moubu go ham in this arc. Who knows until next time be great my A&M people.

Also Sento’un is a weirdo but a beast.

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