Love Vs Loyalty, The 8th Girlfriend Has Arrived | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 30 Review

This chapter was one that was just hilarious. This is a chapter that introduces the 8th girlfriend. In the most stupid way possible. I like how in this chapter they just made fun of people that have their eyes closed in anime. There were some insane moments in this chapter alone. While just having a lot of fun this chapter. So let’s talk about it.

8th Girlfriend: Meido Mei

She is a girl that I really like. Her introduction was very fun. As you already knew from the first page that she was gonna be a girlfriend. But, the way that they went about it was masterful. From her unable to open her eyes. To her loyalty to Hahari, I love her character already. As she is someone that chooses loyalty over her love for Rentarou. Which can be an interesting dynamic in the series. Also her rainbow eyes are something that interest me and I am waiting for her first color page.

Hakari Are Jealous of Karane

Yo the mangakas keep progressing this romance and I am all here for it. Seeing how Karane was thinking of kissing Hahari would be like Hakari. Then, having Hakari be jealous of her. That was just a beautiful man. I love their relationship to where it was in chapter one. Best ship in the series right now. Also when Hakari was talking about insects I was just laughing my butt off.

Everyone is just accepting

It is just funny how everyone is just accepting of it. At this point this harem is gonna be so easy to get at this point. I really am curious if we will have a struggle with the next girl. But, not like Kurumi. I like Mei cause she is someone that was already with the group. So everyone knew her already and accepted her. But, I wonder if there’s a girl that might already have a boyfriend or a princess that has to marry but has no choice. Similar to Hakari so we might not get that. But, I am just interested. I like Mei’s character though.

Final Thoughts

This chapter was funny. It was ridiculous. While we just have some amazing moments in it. Can’t wait for the next chapter most likely a date between Mei and Rentaruo so I can’t wait for that. Thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

They really were just wilding this chapter.

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