Ships Are Sailing | Grand Blue Manga Chapter 63 Review

Time to talk about grand blue as this chapter could have just been called the shipping episode. As this episode could have been called the date of Iori and Chisa. But, neither of them realize that it was one. We have a shocking twist at the end. So let’s get into this chapter called “Okinawa Relanding”.

Chisa and Iori

This whole chapter was just the two of them chilling. Reminiscing of the good times in the serious and making jokes with one another. Moments with just them make their relationship more special than it already was. I liked the hotel stuff with them sharing a bed. I love the feed that this man did. Also they just have the best chemistry in the series. Even though I want BUSUJIMA X IORI. This relationship is one that I am okay with.

So Close

Also this was one of the most peaceful chapters that I have ever read until the end. Like the way that this chapter was. It felt like that the way that you basically progressed their relationship to one that they thought about crossing that line. But, they aren’t there yet and it is one that I am interested in for the future.

Ships Are Sailing

I just want to say that I am hoping that they did. It would make this manga so much greater than it already is. The overall plot of the story and having college students making a bad drunk decision would make this story a lot more realistic (in america as I don’t know japanese customs). Also it would bring a dynamic that I would make the dynamic between the freshmen club members more interesting.

Making them similar to the juniors of the PAB club. Like Toki and Azusa’s relationship of unrequited love with a story that we still need to find out about. But, then it could just be them spying on Chisa and Iori and got lost. To then end up sleeping at the same hotel. Which could be okay. But, man I would like my first thought to happen.

Final Thoughts

Amazing chapter, and I really can’t wait for next month as this chapter was just one that I loved from beginning to end. The date of Chisa and Iori was beautiful and the schock at the end was perfect. The only thing wrong with this is me wanting the chapter ASAP. Until next time be great my A&M people.

Kohei gives no f**ks.

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