Sumi’s Push | Kanojo Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend) Chapter 156 Review

This chapter was a really nice chapter. Sumi is a character that doesn’t talk much so when we get multiple panels of dialogue with her. But, the moments between the two of them are ones that I really enjoyed and am happy yet sad for. As this chapter was Sumi giving Kazuya the push that he needed to actually have the courage to help Chizuru. So let’s talk about it.

Sumi Shouts?

I guess Sumi was trying to overcome something in shouting to the waves. Or trying to help Kazuya in another way. But, it was a odd but interesting sequence as afterwards leading to walking around and having fun. With some fun and goof moments leading back to the beach.


As they had a fun date they finally ended up at the beach. Relaxing then Sumi started to take off her socks to go in the water. But, I have one question. Why does Kazuya get flustered by Sumi taking off her socks? I know it is because this man has a serious problem. But, can he control himself for a minute. Like I am thinking that this man is improving a little by hanging out with all of these girls. But, it might be getting worse. Like this man needs a lot more before he can be the right guy for any of these girls to be honest.


Sumi finally explained the reasoning of this whole date as friends. As it was to help him out of the dumps. While showing him that people like Chizuru that are feeling horrible need people with them when they are feeling that way. As Sumi did for Kazuya he needs to go to Chizuru and bring her back into the light. Which is sad and good at the same time. As it was a push and positive for him helping him and her friend Chizuru. While also helping a person that she likes get closer to her rival in a way. As that final panel showed happiness and sorrow.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing chapter for Sumi’s character and hopefully improvement towards Kazuya’s character. As this man still needs a lot of work on himself. But, hopefully he can just help Chizuru get out of the darkness. Also Sumi once again proves why she is a top tier waifu after Mami. Thanks again for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

Mami Is Best Girl

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