Losing Hope | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 11 Review

You know, as I was watching this episode I was angry, I was lost, I was shocked, scared, anxious, and some emotions I can’t even describe. I don’t even know if I can make a proper review for this episode due to the degree of what it gave us. But, I will try so let’s talk about this episode of Re: Zero episode 11.


I wish this conversation went longer. The stuff that we found out between these two is so much. First of all is that Echidna is the person that Beatrice made a contract with. So her reason for being in that library is to guard a library waiting for that person to come. Something that when I thought about it was lost thinking about waiting for that long. Most likely thinking that someone will come eventually. But, they never come until 400 years later.

I can understand that from Beako’s standpoint as she is just waiting for her task to be complete. Everyday protecting this library in the house from everyone coming in and out of it. Looking at a book hoping for something to happen in the future is something that I can’t help but love for her character. I just wish that this was just longer cas she got cut off before we got more information.

She is a spirit that has lost her reason for living. When she said to Subaru that she wanted to be first. I don’t know if she ment romantically or just in a spiritual connection. As when it went to Subaru eyes it showed that it was not something that he could do. So when she asked to do that or death. I was mad at Subaru and sad for Beako. Cause it seems like she was waiting to just be free from it.


How strong is this woman. As she is not only strong, smart, and sexy. She is too OP man. Like the way that she found the library saying the magic that Beatrice use was easy to break. Puts Elsa in a higher tier of power to me. As I knew she was a threat. But, I didn’t think that Beako would be outdone with her power. But, hey Elsa deserves some appraise cause she had me fooled of her being dead.

MaBeast Controller: Maylie Portroute

So Elsa’s partner in crime, the one who brought the MaBeast in the mansion. Also bringing a ton of mabeast with her. Which is really interesting for someone to have that ability. As I forget if Elsa is just an assassin or just a person that is for the witches cult. As if not who is the person that sent these people. As I thought that Rosewaal sent it as a test. But, the way that he sees it he can’t predict the future. He leaves everything to faith. But, then could it be a princess of the like of Priscilla or Anastasia. This is interesting developments.

Subaru Stopping Beako from Killing

You know when I was watching this and saw this. I for this whole sequence was just mad at Subaru. As his reason for it was idioctic in the moment. As the reason he stated was not to kill a little girl. After she stated that she murder Petra and most likey Rem also. But, you say that because she is a child. ( Also one with a legion of MaBeast) you decided now is the time to be moral for a child. F*** out of here Subaru caught this L. Also if it was for Beako not killing anymore and not having blood on her hands. Then why did he let her kill Elsa. Well too late for that cause Beako is dead now due to your questioning.


For a second I thought that Emilia had been possessed by Satella. But, she was just broken in the head after being where she was. Like what happened to her after I want to say two to three days. But, could actually be more due to Subaru being knocked out for an amount of time that we don’t know. Goes back to the tomb and sees Emilia just broken and saying that she loves him. This is the point of loneliness that became insanity. I hope that we don’t see that version of her again cause that was just unsettling.


Now Roswaal is a character that I can’t even put into words. Like the way that he was talking to Subaru. How he basically kept saying which version of me did you talk to. Then straight up killing Ram. Then walking into the rabbits to die. As he just accepts his death. That was just insane. Having the episode end with Subaru taking his near dead body to Emilia’s lap. It was just a crazy way to end an episode.

Final Thoughts

An episode that is amazing in some parts. While being confusing in many other parts. I probably missed a lot of points. But, I need these two last episodes ASAP. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

He really got a taste of death

7 thoughts on “Losing Hope | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 11 Review

  1. I think Beatrice just wants affection and attention like all little girls. Next time, he should just give her a big hug and lift her into the air like he did in Season 1 and do what Roswaal told him, which is to say, “Roswaal said you are to ask the question” and then affirm that he is that person.

    Elsa seems to have multiple lives, which is how she survived after shattering to pieces. If she does indeed have multiple lives, that explains how she survived Reinhard’s special sword strike in Season 1.

    I don’t think Emilia was by herself for two or three days. Subaru said it was Day 2, so only 1 day had passed. Emilia was super affected by the Sanctuary’s first trial and needed emotional support because her past is very dark as seen by part of her backstory in the Frozen Bond OVA. Because Roswaal isolated Emilia by making it snow, the villagers could not give her emotional support, and Garfiel condemned her too. Roswaal just treats Emilia like a tool, and Ram really has no affection for Emilia and just worships Roswaal. Because Puck is either refusing to or unable to come out right now, Subaru was the only person Emilia could turn to for support, but he left her, and since someone stole Subaru’s letter to Emilia, she thought Subaru abandoned her and probably took the trial again by herself and went insane.

    Roswaal seems to make it snow in the Sanctuary whenever Subaru tries to leave the Sanctuary, so I think that if Subaru doesn’t try to leave the Sanctuary early, Roswaal won’t bring the rabbit mabeasts to the Sanctuary.

    I think the taste of death title was meant to indicate that Emilia felt that Subaru’s lips tasted like death given that he had just died.

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    1. Much appreciation for this comment as I was really lost for a lot of moments in this episode. I understand some more points now. Also Elsa is someone that I heavily underrated in her power.

      Their is a question that I wanted to ask you. As I can’t think of a proper person with the exception of Roswaal and the princesses. Which both make no sense to me for hiring. But, do you have any thoughts on who hired Elsa and Maylie to the mansion? Or is it most likely Roswaal and the princess.


      1. As for who hired Elsa and Maylie, it has to be someone who can see the future since in episode 6, Elsa expected Subaru to come back at the exact same time he did in episode 5 even though it was two separate loops.

        Given that information, it means whoever hired Elsa is likely either Roswaal since he has the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom or somebody who has a Gospel. It can’t be Beatrice since her copy of the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom doesn’t work anymore, and she wouldn’t hire Elsa to get herself killed. I doubt that Priscilla and Anastasia are Witch cultists, so I don’t think it’s them. The alternative is that either one or both of Elsa and Maylie are Witch cultists, but I’m not sure that they are.

        Roswaal is very suspicious though. Making the Great Rabbit come to the Sanctuary to punish Subaru for not helping Emilia is crazy. Roswaal is so inhuman, and he said that he wants Subaru to be like him one day. I hope Subaru never becomes like Roswaal.

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  2. I also forgot to note that in episode 28, Emilia made it clear that she’s felt anxious ever since they passed the Sanctuary’s barrier and that she’s unable to relax. That constant anxiety coupled with the isolation that Roswaal put her through as well as undergoing the trial probably all contributed to Emilia going insane. I wonder why she felt that way. Does Emilia have a special connection to the Sanctuary somehow?

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