Tornado of Terror | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 134 Review

Back with the One Punch Man content as my girl Tatsumaki is going all out in this chapter. Genos is surprising me this chapter. We get to see one of the most powerful attacks in the city. While also just having an hella action pack chapter. So let’s talk about both part one and two of this amazing chapter (for some reason it was split in two).


I actually like this as Genos used all of his power to defend Tastumaki from the blast. As she was holding back to make sure everyone was safe. I really like this moment when he used all of his power to defend her and not become a complete mess. To then get caught by Tatsumaki and get her acknowledgement by doing that. I really like that out of her character man.

Don’t Talk About Fubuki Around Tatsumaki

There are alot of things that can tick Tatsumaki off. But, once you don’t mention around her is any harm to her sister. So when she heard that she messed up. As we get a panel with her just angry. Then getting another panel of Fubuki with chills down her spine. I love it cause she begins the classic.


The radar was going off. Everything was going insane. As she uses her classic but one that she poured all her power into. As the city was another shape after that amazing thing. I just have to note every panel is just beautiful, the art is always amazing and boy does this look epic.

Cost Of Going All Out

But, due to Tatsumaki going all out she starts coughing up blood. For that faint second Pykos started to run away. But, Tatsumaki said f*** the pain and straight up put a forcefield around the city. Block Pykos from going far away from her. Note she has already gone way beyond her limits. Also Tatsumaki using a clone and saying “found you” as Pykos tried to hit her as she was confused where she went was funny as hell.

Metal Night

A surprise at the end of the chapter being Metal knight joining the battle. Which is really interesting to see how he will contribute in all of this. Maybe he gets the Genos treatment or is this the end for her.

Final Thought

Amazing chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the series. What will Metal Knight contribute to the fight, will we get another surprise, and will Tatsumaki last till the end. Thanks for reading this and be great my A&M people.

I Like how the Moon is still damaged from the Borus fight.

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