Personal Maid | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 31 Review

I love this Mei’s character man. As she is just pure comedy, wholesome, and she is just fun to have in the series. There are moments that I had in this chapter that I lost it laughing. While also having moments that make me love his character. So let’s talk about this chapter titled “Master for a Day”.

Date / Maid For A Day

It’s been a minute since we got a solo date chapter so this was a nice refresher to have. As I believe that the last one on one chapter that we had like this was Nano. Which was possibly the only other one that we have had in the series of single dates. So it is nice to see how Mei is on the date. As seeing how Rentarou acts one on one is always interesting.

She Played Fetched

I will let you know that I never laughed so hard until Rentarou made this girl play fetch. Like I really was laughing out loud at the panel of her running back and forth. Then Rentarou’s face at the series. As he has her as a maid for a day she is doing whatever he asks of her. As it is her loyalty to Hakari plus the love for Rentarou. As it is just hilarious the degree of loyalty she has. But, I mess with her heavy for that.


I like how Rentarou shows that he is the most humble harem king. As this man had a woman that loves him as he loves her. Also one that is completely obedient to him. But, instead of feeding into his desires as he has a lot as a teenager. He asks her to do something that was impossible, that task being of no help to him whatsoever. To then see open her eyes after so many attempts was beautiful.

Then they had a wholesome moment at the end of it. Ren, trying to show her But, it looks like we got a little bit of an improvement from her obedience extreme. Also I guess that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now after this chapter.

Final Thoughts

This was a nice chapter as I really like Mei’s character of all of the girlfriends. Can’t wait to find out what happens next chapter as we have been promised wetness. Thanks for reading this review and until next time be great my A&M people.

Sad to see no kiss (yet).

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