The Witches Tea Party | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

This episode of Re: Zero was amazing. I will start with that as one question was answered with about 100 more added in one episode. As this episode started out traumatized for Subaru. Then, we have one of the most intriguing speeches along with the most shocking twist at the end. So let us talk about episode 12 of Re:Zero.

Seeing Beyond The Checkpoint

The episode starts out with Subaru once again at another checkpoint. As he is at this checkpoint in the same tomb with Emilia. He decides to call up Echidna but is met with a flashback after his death. Seeing the aftermath of all of his checkpoints. As the way that he sees it it can be heroic. But, other people that didn’t know that suffer. Just seeing a dead Subaru forever in this verse. With the last episode confirming it to a degree. As the timelines that he leaves continues on another path leaving multiple versions.

Having to see that has to be horrific. Luckily we don’t have any versions of Rem post her falling for Subaru. As I really don’t know what she would do if she saw him die. Then having Subaru see that, like I know that Emilia was suffering but, I feel Rem would be on a whole other level. Also Puck and Rienhert’s conversation is very interesting to me. As noted Puck said in one version that was after he planned to freeze the world. As it is “He and I are equally at fault”. Who is this, maybe Subaru, maybe Roswaal, or another great spirit. But, that is for another day.


Going back to Rem. We got to hear her voice one last time before the season ended. As after all of the trauma that Subaru just went through. By hearing her voice he recovered while also realizing that this Rem is not Rem at all. But, Carmilla is someone that I didn’t even expect. As she seems like a nice person. But, has a horrible curse. As people see things with her. That is deadly as hell.

They All Meet Again

I still have to say that Minerva is my personal top 3 witch. As she saved Subaru twice this season. As she is someone that is really emotional and destructive. She is very passionate with her words. As she stops a contract between Echidna and Subaru. As it seemed very likely he was gonna accept. But, before he could do it he gets confronted by all of the witches. With the late introduction of Sekhmet as she is chilling with all the other witches stopping him from forming this contract.


Contracts in this world are something that I am very curious about. As the one that we all know is Emilia and Puck. As that one is one where they are really connected even by emotions also. As I feel that both of them have felt when another was in trouble. So I am really interested in what power a contract with Subaru would give Echidna. Would it free her from the sanctuary and live through Subaru? Is she able to control Subaru through it? Why was everyone trying to also form a contract with him? Finally what would a contract between Subaru and Beatrice do. Contracts in this world is a concept that I would love to learn more about in the future. As it feels like something that is very powerful episally with Subaru.

They Really Meet All Again

Now after Echidna went all out showing her true colors. Another guess has arrived at this most prestigious tea party. That being the one that killed all the witches. The most feared of them all. Satella has come for a word and Echidna looks pissed. Ending the episode like that.

Final Thoughts

Amazing episode, Satella is that girl pulling up like she owns the place. I don’t know what is gonna happen in this finally. But, this is gonna be crazy. Thanks for reading this late post. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Me waiting for the next episode.


One thought on “The Witches Tea Party | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

  1. I think Puck saying, “He and I are equally at fault” meant that Subaru and Puck himself are at fault since they’re the main people protecting Emilia.

    I love Minerva as well. She’s great.

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