What If Isshiki Beat Eishi | What If…(Food Wars Edition)

Food Wars is a series that I constantly have in my head over and over again on what would happen if this and that. As it is one of the very few manga that I read weekly from beginning to end. And after the horrible conclusion to the series. I wondered what could have saved the series if it was possible.

With one thing constantly in my head that could have saved the franchise was one match change in the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine arc. The change that could have not only and save the power scaling, one thing that ruined this story. But, even the “bleach problem” that eventually ended the series quickly after. That one match change would be Isshiki vs Eishi in the 4th bout of the tournament. As I feel that if you put Soma in this position and wait for Isshiki vs Eishi in the end. As that would not only save the power scaling but also a chance to save the series that I love as a whole.

So let me set up the scenario 3rd Bout:

Erina Nakiri WMomo Akanegakubo L
Takumi Aldini LRindō Kobayashi W
Sōma Yukihira LEishi Tsukasa W

These two stay the same but you have Rindo vs Aldini earlier to set up a match before. But, now we have Soma Vs Eishi for real this time. As Soma in the manga beat this man in the original with Erina being the main chef. So in a one on one scenario I believe that Soma would be destroyed in this match. Having the remaining two be two people on his team be two people that he has never beaten in the series yet.

Scenario 4th Bout:

Erina Nakiri LEishi Tsukasa W
Satoshi Isshiki WRindō Kobayashi L

Now in my headcanon is that I both are undefeated since birth. With a loss to either of them can be something that destroys them. But, with the help that Erina gets with Soma mentally she loses but it is 2-1 instead of 3-0. Giving her confidence for the future of the series as just having one of the judges her ego and shows that Eishi can be touched. Having a flashback of him never losing and having one judge say his food was not better could mess with him mentally and affect his next match.

Now this next match with Rindo and Isshiki. Win or Central wins. This match could have had a whole backstory to the with Rindo as her character had not much depth to her compared to most. Hell all of the elite ten needed more depth before heading into this arc. But, she loses to him with a new found respect and somehow makes Nene jealous after the match. Developing actual relationships in the series. Now onto the finally.


Satoshi Isshiki WEishi Tsukasa L

With the loss of one dish on Eishi’s head he is more focused on that instead of the actual match and loses to Isshiki as he is a person that to me is one of the best in the school period. Leading to the victory of central and Isshiki in charge instead of Erina. Bringing Balance to the school with something that is good and bad. One would be making Erina’s father the vice principle and bring back the old principle on top. Making the school not entirely good but, not bad either. As with Isshiki it makes the story more interesting and have way better elite ten like the one that I have below.

New Elite 10

  1. Isshiki
  2. Eishi
  3. Rindo
  4. Erina
  5. Tosuke
  6. Momo
  7. Soma
  8. Kuga
  9. Aldini
  10. Eizan

Having this elite ten instead of having Erina become the 0 seat/principle which made no sense to me. Along with not having Soma be the best chief in the school, and making him achieve his goal too early in the series leaving him with the “bleach problem”. Is not only great but, can lead to much more in the series. As after this arc you could have a hunting season arc. Where all of the former elite ten and even Soma’s friends are all trying for that fresh Elite Ten Spots Starting off with Aldini Vs Soma for his knife back and the 7th seat at the beginning of the arc. Having Soma lose again.

You could have Soma actually question himself after two heartbreaking losses and being moved down to the 9th seat. You could have had a straight up offseason with more training arcs and everyone getting better. Eizan actually works for his potential up to a possible 5 seed and then has seniors graduating to their own cafes. Introducing a new freshmen class of elites and continuing to have Soma try to reach Erina with more motivation before and in this hypothetical after the seniors leave with the new Elite ten looking something like this.

New New Elite 10

  1. Isshiki
  2. Erina
  3. Aldini
  4. Soma
  5. Eizan
  6. Kuga
  7. Nene
  8. Megumi
  9. Ryo
  10. Freshmen Elite?

So much possibility for this with and afterwards a year or two of starting in the chief world. Actually starting a business and succeeding in that is something that we got a glimpse of with Kojiro. But, it would be amazing to see places actually do that and who pairs up with who in the future for their land.

It would have been interesting if the series didn’t waste all of this potential. To then be axed one arc later. As this is just a what if. Thank you reading and be great people.

One thought on “What If Isshiki Beat Eishi | What If…(Food Wars Edition)

  1. This is a really interesting what-if. The main thing I thought they should have done is included another training arc and then done blue.
    However, they should have removed Ashai and raised the maximum age. This could allow all the alumni of Totsuki to participate instead of random unnamed background characters.

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