What Anime Moment Made Me Love Anime

What moment in anime made you an anime fan? Everyone knows for the most part the first ever anime that they ever watched. As for some people it was Naruto, for others it was Dragonball and/or Sailor Moon, there are even Pokemon and Digimon for people that have seen it and didn’t think it was anime. I was in a majority watching the ramen eater and the fox. But, what I ask for the reader is what was the moment that made you love anime.

That very moment that made you want to watch other series. The moment that made you fall in love with the industry. What was it that made you want to read and buy manga, and not only made you a fan of the show. But, the anime industry itself. I personally pondered what was that moment for me. Thinking about the anime that I watched over the time. There were moments that made me hyped for sure.

For example the moment that Goku first became super saiyan was amazing to watch as a kid. Yugi vs Kaiba rematch was amazing. The moment that made me binge Naruto to current airing. That being the Rock Lee and Gara Fight. Seeing Rock Lee drop those weights for the first time was the definition of hype as a kid. Those moments were all hype and fun, but the first time that I ever took time and researched about the medium of anime and everything else.

It even shaped my taste as near all of my favorite series can somehow lead back to this moment. As I was at the end of episode one of No Game No Life. Seeing that opening for the first time. From the colors to the visuals the episode was amazing. But, it was so captivating that I took the genre as a whole seriously. Looking up what anime was, looking for all series like it. Eventually leading me to the never ending genres of harems and isekai. But, that story is for another day.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this post. If you want more you can sub or read other posts on the blog. What was the moment or episode that you realized that you loved anime, or found a love for this medium?

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Until next time, be great people.

8 thoughts on “What Anime Moment Made Me Love Anime

  1. The opening 2 minutes of Akira. It’s spectacular and really tells you so much about the world. Then there’s the motorcycle fight, a strange blue psychic, and the military. All with the most insane soundtrack. It was my first anime and I knew there and then that I was in it for the long haul.

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    1. That’s sound epic. Personally I haven’t watched it yet. But, from all the praises that I have heard and the way you described it. It sounds even more epic than before.

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  2. I don’t have a specific moment. I’ve just sort of…lived with anime my entire life, although I didn’t know some things I liked were anime until later on.

    If I had to point in a certain direction though, it would be when my family went out one time to a place we don’t normally go and my mother bought a Detective Conan game in a store. That game made me interested in the series and, from there, these things we call “anime” and “manga”.

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    1. Yeah it was hard for me to even pinpoint it on my own. When I made the question, as I similar to you grew up with shows without realizing that it was anime. Thats why this question intrigued even myself.

      Also getting more into anime through gaming is something that I didn’t even think of.

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  3. I don’t think there was a singular moment for me.

    I had seen DBZ and all that before. My roommate in Uni was big into anime, and I decided to see what the fuss was about so I decided to watch one, which ended up being Vandread. I liked it and sort of just kept going from there, watching some big name stuff like Haruhi and Steins Gate.

    I guess the really successful stuff I watched early on kept me going, but I probably would have regardless seeing as back then I had no standards and just about anything worked for me.

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    1. Yeah this question was one that I couldn’t come up with a answer for myself for a while. But, all it takes is one show to get you hooked to the medium.

      But, the more that I think of it. Series like DBZ and Naruto marinated us to become anime fans younger without even realizing it. So when we get more in the medium we are already familiar with it and eventually get hooked.

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  4. I got into anime/manga because my friend said it was a good genre so I started reading the books and watching Tokyo Ghoul. I liked it so I watched other ones like My Hero Academia. and then I started to fall in love with the genre. I basically started watching the shows in early 2020. but now I have watched over 20 animes. (I still liked anime before 2020.)

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    1. Thank is a great wat to start off with that amazing opening of Tokyo Ghoul. I feel like as soon as as you get that one series that just peaked your interest, your hooked and wanting to see more series like it. Leading us all down the anime rabbit hole.

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