Top 3 Anime Worlds To Be Isekai ‘d To

Okay think about this. You are having a normal and someway a semi truck finds a way to hit you and kills you. No matter what it finds a way to hit you. You can be in the middle of the highway or on the 50th floor of a skyscraper, somehow, someway your getting Isekai’d. You meet Being X(Shout out to Tanya) and it offers you transportation to ANY anime world of your choosing that you will be living with forever, never able to return back home. Where are you going?

As I was thinking about it I came up with the 3 places that I would go to. Note you are living here for REST OF YOUR LIFE. So if you ain’t feeling the world after a month then sucks to be you. Also you are getting iskai’d into the world so with the average magic abilities and not one that is too overpowered. Or should I say your not gonna be stronger than the Main Character of that world unless you work for it. So here is my list and why they are the top 3 anime worlds that I am choosing to be in.

3) No Game No Life

With my second post in a row talk about this series. No Game No Life is not only an amazing world. But, it is one that is based on your knowledge of gaming and techniques. As the number one positive of it is that everything is decided by games. Want to fight a person that is ten times stronger than you. You can beat them by just playing rock, paper, scissors with them. As the purpose of the game is to have fun. Now the negative is the state of being a human section of the world. As I am assuming that I am gonna join at the same time as the main characters. It would be a world that would be soon under Sora’s and Shiro’s rule. Making life fun and eventually lavish as long as I can play the game. That being the second negative as I could be cheated out of a victory and be a bum or a slave after losing a game.

2) KonoSuba

Now this world is fun and the people are just fun. You have the demon commanders that can be serious in some respect. But, really all of them are hilarious in some respect. The adventures in this world can be life threatening at times. But, I am being real right now. As much as I love the main cast, if they can pass all of these. I have high confidence that I can. Also the world of this just seems like one that you can have fun in everyday. Also you have monsters that turn into food afterwards sign me up. But, the NUMBER 1 negative is that I end up in the vicinity of a Megumin EXPLOSION which is a risk that I am willing to take.

Honorable Mentions

Now there were a lot of worlds that I considered so here’s a bunch that I considered yet decided no. Grand Blue would be up there. But, I probably die of alcohol poisoning and two close to real life. Kanata no Astra would be good if I knew more about the world also it is very corrupted in some way. One Piece, and My Hero are two of the biggest gambles. As the power of Devil fruits and powers are highly determined by luck so that is a no for me. Hunter X Hunter is cool, but I would most likely die in the Hunter Exams. As that is what I would be taking. Index/Railgun would be fun depending on the side that I would be on. But, I have not even finished season one of index yet so another day for this series.

Gintama was considered, and it would be in my top 5 if I made one. But, as much as I LOVE Gintama, if I bump into any of the cast on a bad day. I am for sure dead or injured. 29 to JK is up there but I didn’t want a too much real life setting. Finally, I wanted to put Re:Zero here for the sole reason of working for Crush. But, the likelihood of that happening is low. Also that world has a lot of suffering in it.

1) Log Horizon

You are literally playing video games for real while also being immortal. This is the definition of the perfect world to be in. There are some pluses and minuses to being in this world. As this is a game world that you can respawn back into. Making you basically immortal. So the negative is how you play this game and who with. Will you be solo or will you form a party. Will your party betray you leaving you struggling for everything. The possibilities are endless. The major negative of this world, is a minor spoiler so I won’t say it. But, there’s a price to everytime you die in this world. So that is something that you have to take for account also. So this is a world that can be amazing but also be scary with the monsters and NPCs of this world. That are evolving as actual people and their own minds. This is why it would be the most fun for me. With all of the possibilities and that is my number one choice for the world that I would be in.

Final Thoughts

These are the worlds that I have decided to go to. But, knowing my luck, Being X might just yeet me to Attack on Titan and say figure it out. So what’s your world that you would like to be in given the choice. Beside that, thanks for reading and until next time be great people.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Anime Worlds To Be Isekai ‘d To

  1. Good call on Log Horizon. An mmo-esque world where you’re not restricted to just being an adventurer, and instead can basically do any job as the Hero’s town or whatever its called had plenty of merchants and people doing other jobs. Plus while there is that downside, it’s still great compared to actual death. Lot of cool guilds too.

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