Kohei Just Being Real | Grand Blue Chapter 64 “Okinawa Relanding: Behind The Scenes” Review

Alright this chapter is a repeat of the story of the last chapter between Iori and Chisa. Except this time it is from the angle of an extreme stalker named Cakey. Hence the title of this chapter being “Okinawa Relanding: Behind The Scenes”. As the lengths that Cakey went this chapter was just stalker level crazy. Also in this chapter we have a lot of funny moments with some realness and fact in it.

Now getting into the chapter, it starts off with the story of what happened in the last chapter rewinded back to the beginning. With the exception we are viewing everything from Cakey’s side. Which is a unique way of writing as some series that I have read had the same scene play out multiple times. So seeing this was actually interesting to me. Coming off a manga that specialized in doing multiple chapters of this.

With the different point of view in this chapter, it paralleled the previous chapter in some ways. As chapter 63 showed some hints of a relationship brewing with Iori and Chisa. Cakey and Kohei who went with her there had done similar things. But they show it in more of a comedic matter. Making their relationship more of a true friendship than lovers comparing the two chapters. As the squid thing was hilarious. With everyone reading that page thinking the same thing. I still can’t get over that Kohei really did that.

As Cakey prepared to STALK Iori and Chisa she put on her usual makeup to hide herself. But, it was way too obvious that it was her so in order to fix it. Kohei pulled out of his bag of hidden talents and actually did the makeup himself. Making Cakey look not only beautiful but also not herself. So now they can STALK Iori and Chisa at the beach. As they spend more time STALKING, Kohei suggests to take a break from the STALKING and go take a dip at the beach. So they actually have some fun as Kohei makes sure you don’t miss experiences when they are right staring you in the face. So they spend some time on the beach before continuing their STALKING of Iori and Chisa.

I enjoy this moment a lot as I feel that Kohei is seeing how anxious Cakey is and wanted her to let it go for a minute. So shout out to that man. As she finally got at least one moment to have fun so far. After spending all this money to stalk Iori. Also she finally admitted it to Kohei so thank you for that. Follow by another set of serious words from him. Cakey and Kohei continued to watch them until they all ended up at the hotels. Both trying to find separate beds but to no avail.

Now time to talk about the set up path to this amazing bed scene. As it was just magical. With Kohei finding out about his favorite voice actress has gotten married. This man just straight up coughs up blood and is half dead on the street. With nothing left in his body. So Cakey has to carry him to the closet love hotel and sleeps in the same bed as him. Looking like she just came from a horrible drunken mistake. To then walk out right to Iori and have the event that we art having now. Also no reaction from Kohei as he still might have not realized what has happened yet. But, it’s gonna be fun.

Final Thoughts & Predictions

I really don’t know how this can play out. As one thing that I know is somehow Cakey is gonna try to play this off no matter how it looks like. There’s a chance for another party to randomly join. But I wonder who would that be cough Busujima cough. But, I really don’t know how this can go. Maybe Cakey finally confesses and stops her stalking. But, who knows until the next chapter of this crazy and fun manga.

Thanks for reading this review. If you made it this far I mess with you heavy. Give me your thoughts on the chapter if you have any. If you’re interested in buying the manga click the picture above for the first volume. Hope this new type of review works and until next time, be great my people.

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