Which Anime Characters Would Make The Greatest Among Us Lobby?

Among Us is a game that has become so popular that people from your everyday streamer to future presidential candidates are playing it. So I might as well hop on this hype train myself. Creating the greatest among us lobby ever with anime characters. Also this is hands down the greatest as It can’t be debated unless you have watched Code Geass. So here is my ultimate lobby.

Light Yagami & L Lawliet (Death Note)

This is an obvious must for every anime Among Us lobby. As these two are among the smartest anime characters in anime. So seeing them be in this game would bring in high IQ. For example, Light would most likely kill L first every round. With L saying before the game even starts that if Light kills him you must vote him off. Them going back and forth and both as crewmates and imposter would be interesting to see.

Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

Now this man would be the ultimate crewmate. As his detective skills are among the best in anime. Also among this lobby of tense characters he would be the mediator until he is dead bringing chaos. Also with the possibility of him being an imposter it would be fun to see him in that role.

Johan Liebert (Monster)

This to me would be the ultimate imposter. As the way that this man would play is having a crewmate look you in the eye and kill right in front of you. Then somehow convince you that you killed the person yourself as a crewmate. I really feel that he would do that and would win a lot as an imposter in general.

Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)

Now every lobby needs some chaos in it regardless. As she will bring the most fun out of the game. As there would be a moment that everyone is tense as there are two killers and six people left. Not much information and everyone questioning another intensely she will bring something unexpected and remove the intensity as everyone would be unknowing and go along what she would say. To then find out she was the imposter the whole time. Or get voted out for memeing and staying on top of a vent the whole game.

Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

Now to include in this chaos party we have a person that now one can trust. Even as a crewmate he will be the most suspicious at all times. As he will be playing both sides until he wins. Most likely to be voted out first as a crewmate due to him being himself.

Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

He is a master of many games with the exception of Gungi. But, this man would start off the game being the first to die and not easy to sus people out. But, slowly through the game he would figure out the path to victory. Becoming the best player at the end of the game.

Shiro & Sora (No Game No Life)

Another master of games being Shiro and Sora. The catch is that they would most likely be on the winning side as they never lose. But, having them on opposing sides would offset that. Also this would be interesting to see how they would play in this. As they would enter as the best gamers completing tasks the quickest telling everyone to finish it already.

Mother Issabella (The Promised Neverland)

I still believe to this day that mother Issabella is the smartest character in The Promised Neverland. But, that is a topic for another day. But, I want to talk about possibly the ultimate among us characters. As her way of deception and the way that she can figure people out quickly would be amazing. Being the most well rounded player in this game.


That is my list of characters. As I feel that it would be just fun to see all of these people play for a 7 hour stream. My prediction that imposter would be hard to win due to this lobby. But, I believe that L and Light would not be on the winning side of anything. Due to them susing one another every round. Then Conan will save many games with his detective work. But, will lose as an imposter. Johan will win every imposter round no matter what. Izumi would make the game fun with her winning multiple on both sides. Merum will lose in the beginning but not in the second half of gaming.

The Sora and Shiro being on the winning side when they are crewmate and imposter. But, games that are separate I have a feeling that Shiro would win the most of it. Izaya will have a lot of wins both ways. But, will get killed a lot by ejections. Finally mother winning the first half of gaming. But, will eventually fall to Merum being the best player in the game.

Final Thoughts

This would be fun and epic. As this game would just be amazing to the end. Thanks for reading this and if you’re interested click the ad below for my manga recommendation. Until next time be great my people.

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