Imai Nobume | Gintama Quick Thoughts #1

With Gintama coming to an end soon I decided to bring back Quick Thoughts. A series where I randomly talk about a character in the show. So I decided that this week I would be talking about one of my favorite characters of Gintama (As I have 100 in this show) being Nobume. As she is a person that comes into the latter half of the series. But, the comedy with her is hilarious and her importance to the story is key. As I love her character so much.


Her introduction was straight up fighting Sougou and I knew after their fight she would fit into the family. As seeing the way that the two bounce off one another was amazing. She is a savage and loves sweets more than anything. She is basically immortal as she is part of the Tenshouin Naraku. She is a swordswoman that works for Mimawarigumi as they were all cool to me.


She is just a fun ahole and really she is a more gangster Kagura to be exact. I love her character for that as she holds no bars in anything. Her and Isaburo back and forth in the series was amazing. Also she is just chill all this time even in the most extreme moments.


How she got her name. To avoid spoilers the way that she got her name. That made me tear up lowkey. I wasn’t balling but that episode explaining where Nobume came from really inspired me that if I have a daughter she is gonna have Nobume in her name. It was that powerful to me that I will fight to have Nobume somewhere in my daughter’s name.

Final Thoughts

Overall amazing character and very underrated to me. But, this is a very stack cast so I am glad that I got to do her first. Now she is in my A tier of Gintama characters. In such a humongous cast she still finds a way to stick out so props to her. If your interested in the manga click below for volume one of the manga if you want more Gintama.

Thanks for reading and be great people.

3 thoughts on “Imai Nobume | Gintama Quick Thoughts #1

    1. Not a lot just a little over 300 plus episodes and a finale movie coming in January 😅.

      I will say thought that it is one of the best series ever to me. As all of the characters and the world is just amazing

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