How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Manga | Manga Recommendation

I am a person that read ALOT more manga than the average person. While going through the 100 new series a week I found this manga. A series that I can’t help but show praise to after reading it. As this is a series that displays one of my favorite genres in anime being politics and war. Along with that genre comes a cast that is well written filled with morally grey characters. A world that I am falling in love with and expanding every chapter. Lead by a main protagonist that is slowly climbing to one of my favorite characters in anime and manga. So let’s talk about the manga by Ueda Satoshi & Dozeumaru called How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki).


This series is another one that follows the basic isekai genre. As the main protagonist is magically sent into this kingdom to become the hero and save all the lands. But, here is here’s the twist, as upon being brought to this kingdom he finds out from the king of this land. That to hopefully save them from their kingdom that is at the lowest of lows. From being in debt to threats of being attack from other lands. They are a kingdom on the verge of being at its end. So you’re seeing the story of how this man helps rebuild this kingdom in such an amazing way that you have to read it to see.

Why It Is A Must Read

I am a guy that is heavy into royalty and seeing people fight for the throne, their land, and just seeing the strategy and mindset of every character. I say that if you love Game of Thrones, Crusader Kings, or any series that deals with royalty and medieval times. Along with the aspect of war and strategy, this is the series for you. But, if that is not your forte then that’s alright also.

Another thing is the way that characters are written, from the main protagonist, Souma Kazuya and the way that he deducts everything to a tee. To the way that the princess of the kingdom looks to be the typical tsundere character in the beginning. But, she is far from the whole trope. Then all of the antagonist that you sometimes question are they really antagonist or people fighting for their beliefs that aren’t with the kingdoms. This manga is a heavy must read for me.

Final Thoughts

This is a gem that I found in the rough and I just wanted to put it out there a little more. So I hope that you enjoy it. Tell me if you have heard of the series and if you even liked the series. As I feel that I am finding a strange taste in this particular type of manga and the way that it is written is why I love it so much.

Thanks for reading and hope you are great people.

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