Plot Twist | Grand Blue Chapter 65 “Day Two Of Chaos” Review

Grand Blue is a series that I love. Busujima is a character that I love. I love well written foreshadowing in this chapter. I love the well written plot twist at the end of this chapter. I just love this chapter overall. So let’s just get into this chapter called “ Day Two Of Chaos ”.

Award Cakey

Starting off the chapter we get Cakey trying to lie again and say that she is someone else. That is quickly exposed as Kohei is drained of energy and well looks exactly like Kohei. Then Iori curious if Kohei and Cakey did the deed. Iori asked Kohei bro to bro if they did it and Kohei is just smug talking like a vet down to Iori. Showing that even though Kohei is drained down to one percent energy he still has enough in the tank to talk his talk to Iori. Afterward a while of getting no answers from both Cakey and Kohei. Chisa and Iori gotta go to their diving class. Losing them for the moment. With Iori having Kohei on his mind constantly as he thinks that Kohei has beat him as he goes diving.

Diving & Drinking Once Again

One day I will go diving for the sole reason of this manga. As Chisa sees Iori in a petty mood about Kohei. She helps him get over it in the best way that she could. Diving and forgetting about his troubles for that moment. Which is something that you can take to real life as when you are having some troubles in your mood or in life. You sometimes just have to enjoy the pleasures of the life that you have and take the pleasures in it. So I love the diving panels as always when we get them. Also I just want to touch on the relationship between the two as they are constantly growing and it is just beautiful to me.

After diving they return to where Kohei and Cakey are to get another lie from her that they believe. Being that she was envious of them and came to her. Instead of confessing her love after having multiple opportunities. They also find out Kohei is down due to his idol getting hitched. So they suggest drinking and that fixes him right up. But, right before they say cheers another person surprisingly joins the party.


First I want to talk about two amazing foreshadowing moments. One being the one that was in this chapter being the text that Iori got in the chapter that he said wasn’t Cakey or her friends. But, someone else who can that be I wonder. To then when talking to Chisa he uses Busujima as an example as she is on his mind at that moment. Then reading back some chapters in the series it was said by Busujima’s friends that she was the type to snoop and nab the guys she liked. Going to this chapter that shows her doing this exact thing.

I have to say that this might be my favorite chapter of the year. The development to her character to what it was to now is amazing. Also that kiss just shocked me as she actually did something after realizing her feelings for Iori. While also asserting her dominates. When Cakey can’t do anything but, just stalk. She saw this as the last chance and decided now is the time.

Also she kissed Iori for a minute in front of Cakey and Chisa. Until this man went limp in his body. Then with her finishing with the “Thank you for the meal.” line while looking smug. That was fire to me. Busujima’s character is so great to me. As the time that took for this development and the change in her character is just amazing writing to me. Now the interesting thing is the aftermath chapter.

How will Chisa react? As I believe that she really is just now thinking about her feelings for Iori. Will she grow jealous or happy for him. How will Cakey react to this and getting rejected afterward. As the rule in anime being that the blue hair girl never wins. Also the most important thing being how will Iori react. As I really feel like that he is gonna reject her hard. That is my prediction as I feel she still needs something like that to become a better person overall. But, if the ship sails now I am all for it.

Final Thoughts

I loved this chapter as the last stretch of pages changed the whole series. As somebody is leaving Okinawa with a broken heart regardless now. Sadly I believe that this is the last main story chapter of the year. So we have to wait until January for that answer. Hopefully we get a Busujima half chapter in December and please not the friends of Iori.

Once again amazing chapter. Thank you for reading this review. Until next time be great people.

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