The Rare Good Ending | Struggles Of An Anime Fan

Being an anime fan is tough sometimes. As the world of anime is very expansive with its many genres and ways to tell stories through animation and paper. But, I as a huge fan of this medium have one major struggle, with the endings or lack of an ending for a vast majority of series that I enjoy. Where various reasons have played into that be it the company, the author, or things out of both of their control. There are rarely series that end on a good note to me. So I just want to elaborate on the reasons for that and why it sucks to be an anime fan sometimes.


One main reason for manga and anime not being completed forever is the infamous hiatus. It is done by studios in anime, mangakas in manga, and myself with this blog. With a prime example being the mangaka of Hunter X Hunter Yoshihiro Togashi. Having a series that has been on hiatus for multiple years at a time. One that I don’t even believe will be complete as a manga nor brought back in the anime. So not being able to complete the series is something that just is just something that me and many Hunter X Hunter fans.

As I, a huge anime only fan of the series, am almosted forced to read the manga for any more content that might not be finished. To an author that might never complete the series. So I will have to be in a situation that this story might never be completed. Though small hiatuses have its advantages, just seeing that some series taking forever to complete just scares me that I might never see some series that I invest all my time and energy into the world and characters that don’t have their end.


One the other side of the spectrum. There are series that are rushed with limited time to the ending. Or series that are on a weekly schedule to produce a story with no time to recoup and make a proper arc after completing one. Leading to an early cancellation then a rush and poor ending.

As having to cramp so much in so little time to make new ideas and characters with little time invested in research and artwork. A prime example that I am bringing up again is Hunter X Hunter in its prime. Where the author, with Yuu Yuu Hakusho under his belt. Had enough power to go on hiatus and invest in creative ways to perfect the arcs of his series. But, it then leads to a world where we haven’t had a chapter of Hunter X Hunter in almost 2 years.

Never To Be Completed

On a more serious topic there are things that happen to series that are out of our control. As anime and manga are not created by robots. But, people that have lives and family outside of their writing, art and animation. Drastic things can happen to those creators to have a series to have it end abruptly. Then there are creators who can do things that are so inhuman that it makes their work unreadable and eventually cancelled for their actions. So series that could have been special like an Act-Age and HighSchool of the Dead will never have their story completed dude to stuff bigger than the story.

Series That Are Stretched For Revenue and not Story

Another problem that I have with series are ones that are stretched for revenue. As series that seem to be all done and concluded continues. But, it continues on a path that seems repetitive and unnecessary to the story. Series that has a single problem can be completed in a volume. But, it is carried on until the series is cancelled. The prime example of this being the series of Nisekoi and Yamada and the Seven Witches. Which hurts me as seeing a series that was once built off passion in the beginning turn into a series that is all about greed and money making.


Now this one is one that is personal to me. As there are series that have a solid ending. But, it is not fulfilling to me. As I am a person that loves series giving an epilogue of the series after completion. As I am invested in these characters and the world. Sometimes I just want to know more about it after it is said and done. This is props to amazing writing of characters and the world building. As it makes me a want to enjoy the world more. So that is just a me thing but, that is credited to amazing stories.

The Proper Ending

Now for all of those series that are new and still ongoing. For the series that have 3 or 4 extra volumes of filler for the profit. Series that the author loses their passion for writing the series or stopped for reasons out of the creators control. For all of the series that have poor ending and the one that will never end. In the very many series that will not have a satisfying ending. There are those very few that properly end.

Those that have those satisfying endings are much more worth it. Seeing how tough it is to have a series end properly I appreciate series like Monster, Gintama, and A Place Further Than The Universe so much more. Making anime a lottery of good stories and amazing endings.

Final Thoughts

This is just an anime fan venting about the struggles of being an anime fan. I thank you all for taking the time reading this and hopefully we get an ending of a lifetime for the series that I originally made this post for. Which could be a series that defies a generation, that being Attack on Titan coming December 7th.

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