My Conquest is the Sea of Stars Movie | My Journey Through the Legend of the Galactic Heroes Franchise Part 1

I finally sat down and decided to watch the series of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. A series that was tough for me to get through as the animation was older as it was made in 1982. While also being a series that seemed very prolonged in the beginning. But the deeper that I got into the series the more interested I got into the world. As the characters and the cast are so interesting with the little time that I got in this movie being about an hour. By the end of the episode I realized what all of the hype is with this series.

What is this series?

The best way that I can describe this series is a combination of Game Of Thrones/Death Note writing with Star Wars Action. As this is a movie of Two Geniuses that are on the opposite sides of a great war that has been in effect for over 100 years. In this series you have a lot of people thrown your way in this movie. But, I will say that by the end of the episode. I was hooked in the story as the writing in this is just legendary. Pun intended.

Battle of the Minds

The two main characters of this I believe are soldiers of this war being Reinhard von Lohengramm and Wen-li Yang. They are two people that are very smart at their jobs. As in this movie that covers a single battle in this great war. It shows the way that they use strategy and the environment around them in the story. But, here is the catch.

The main characters are in a position where they are not only battling each other. But, battling against their own men. As on the side of Reinhard every thinks of him as a person that was just granted a position. So everyone wants him dead. Constantly putting him in predicaments of death. But, with his knowledge he is not only surviving but making impressions as well. With the positive of him being at a high ranking position.

Then you have Yang who is a person that is just doing his job as the strategist. But, his commander is not listening to him. But, also putting the whole crew in positions of death. Constantly killing soldiers as the general follows its own way. But, he is in a position where he is not trying to kill him all the time. So both of them have advantages and disadvantages while being at both sides.

Reinhard & The Empire

Love his character as he is very quiet but smart as well. But, nobody gives him respect as he has a sister that is famous for being with a very high political figure. So generals and higher ups see him as a person that got his way to power the easy way. Giving him no respect and constantly putting him in situations to get him killed. But, through it all he has that calm demeter that everything is gonna go his way. Within this movie it breaks only once after Yang beat him. While they were at a great advantage during the war.

The people that are around him are wise and capable. Who he listens to immensely for help and advice. While being very smart as his own. He still has a lot to unpack. But, from this first movie which can change a lot with backstory and other elements. I really like his character so far.

Also the people in the imperial army. From the rookie and vet duo in the chairs, to the right hand of Reihard, along with the blond guy that was under him. When he said that line of it will be enough ships. With the smile afterwards. That was beautiful. They have a lot of interesting characters on their side. With a lot of room to grow also. So I can’t wait for their stories and more.

Yang & The Alliance

Now the parallel to Reinhard is the Yang. A guy that is always right but no one listens to. So far I like his reasonings and the way that he deduces stuff. But, he does need more aggression to his character. As if it weren’t for his friend pulling the lever. They would all be dead many times over. As his commander was so stupid it hurts.

The side of the alliance was not as heavily invested as compared to the empire. So it will be very interesting what they will learn about in the future. As I hope that he gets promotions in the future to where he is leading entire militaries. Against Reinhard as in the end they both learned one another’s name.

Final Thoughts

We have not even touched on the world, the characters, and just so much more with this series. That this movie was actually a very good entry point to the series. I still will admit that it was a rough start. But, it is definitely worth the watch.

Hopefully you follow my journey through this series as right after this I am gonna watch the Overture to a New War movie right after this. So if your read this far thank you for that. Follow me at twitter @SakeDez and finally everyday just be better than you were yesterday in some way.

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