The Other Side Of The Sea | Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Final Season Episode 1 Thoughts

First I want to say that it is an honor to enjoy this series from its beginnings to its final act now. From what I have witnessed in this series to the emotions that I have felt following this anime from the first episode to now has been amazing. I am just happy to finally watch the final season AS AN ANIME ONLY SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE. With this season being one that I can’t wait to enjoy so let’s talk about so let go ahead and talk about “the other side of the sea.” Which is episode 60 of this season.


We start the episode in a world war 2 type battle ground with bodies everywhere. I like how they used the trenches and the old war tactics. Along with incopertioning some of their own methods. Showing the age of the most developed world in this story. Which is telling me that this season is gonna be heavily influenced by Germany during World War 2. As you see bands on certain characters to separate them from others. Showing how they are treated like nothing by their generals without ones. Treating them like they are not human.

Now let’s talk about the episode as it starts off with a character that I would consider being the main character for the moment as our true main character and most of the main cast aren’t in this episode and might not be in for a while. With the only ones that were present from last season being Reiner and Zeke. So we have a new cast to follow with my main character being the young Eldian Warrior Falco. A kind young man who is in a battle for being the successor to the armored titan with 4 other people. One most prominent being the character of Gabi.


Gabi is a very interesting character to me. As you can find a lot of similarities between her and the main character of Attack on Titan Eren. As she is very determined to meet her goal. That goal being the next Armor titan candidate so she can bring respect to her people of Eldian. A topic for the future. As I want to speak more on her character. With her confidence being sky high. I like that trait for her character introduction. As she was the most to stand out of the new characters. But, I feel that it might bite her later on in the season. But, she is very interesting to me and I can’t wait to learn more about her.


Colt was the third main character to stand out to me. As he is the successor to the Beast Titan but, I don’t think that he wants it. As when I saw his face. It looked like it was utterly disgusting that he was gonna be that in the future. Also he is the older brother of Falco and a person that a lot of people look up to. So I am interested in his character in the future.

The Battle

Now the battle or really the slaughter was beautiful. The execution to the way that they use the music to the animation makes the CGI look good. I am not disappointed by what they did so far in it. The animation so far is up to AOT standards so I have nothing to be wary of so far. Now to this important battle.

They must really hate Eldians to just use them as titans for war. Like the way that they were tied up and most likely drugged out of their mind was disturbing. But, it shows the divide of the story. But, seeing Reiner and Zeke doing work in their setting is one that was very interesting. Also earlier seeing their advanced technology to use with Titans and how they battle together. That was really interesting.


I have a lot of hopes for this season. I don’t know the official episode count. I have heard rumors back and forth of what it will be. But, who the heck cares what the count is as its finally here so lets just enjoy this greatness of the final season. As for predictions for the story. It is obvious that this is gonna lead to a huge war between Eren and crew versus this crew that they are building on us for these couple of episodes. How it ends is something we will find out soon.

Final Thoughts

I still can’t believe that it is the near end of this amazing journey. I might be here every week or not. I really haven’t decided yet. But, man is this just amazing to be part of this amazing weekly experience. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. If you want my immediate thoughts on the episode sometimes I post on my twitter @SakeDez and if you want updates on my more detailed thoughts follow this blog via email or wordpress on the right along with other posts.

Until next time be a person than you were yesterday. Also I AM BACK BABY!!!!!

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