Hiatus Time Sadly | Grand Blue Chapter 65.5 (Extra) “Special” Review

So this month’s chapter was basically an ad for a couple things. Those being the bluray that is coming out soon and the manga Temple. Why would they use this chapter to be an ad chapter you might wonder. Well the mangakas will be going on hiatus for a while as Inoe Sensei has been having back pain. I wish him the highest of help and a speedy recovery.

Full “In Depth” Review

PaB did a dance in spanish then we saw the temple cast react to them on their bluray. We get the hiatus notice and that was the end of the chapter. Very few pages But, it did have some color pages that were beautiful.

Final Thoughts

I will admit that it sucks that we won’t get a main story (meaning that we might get a side story chapter first) for a while as the story was just getting really good also. But, great stories take time to be great. On a related note, I will come out with the best chapters of 2020 as I think we all know what number one is. Thanks to everyone reading and enjoying this series with me.

Until next time be greater everyday people.

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