Ymir’s Faith | Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Final Season Episode 2 Thoughts

This episode was slow. But, it was needed as they did toss us a ton of new characters in the season. SO they have to build them up for us to care about the story. Even thought this episode was slower paced.We learned a lot of information in this episode with the major being what happened to Ymir, what are the plans now after the war, and who Riener wants as his successor. So let’s talk about it.

Return to Paradis

We find out that Zeke is dying soon. So his goal is to do everything he can ih the little time that he has left to save the remaining amount of his people. So he plans to take the land of Paradis in a year’s time. But, it won’t be as easy as last time. As they are smarter, stronger, and know more about the world. And they are not even letting them near them as easily. As they sent 32 scouting boats all to go missing when sent to Erin and them. So they must have a very elite set up now.

Ymir’s Faith

This episode we find out the faith of Ymir as Galliard inherited her titian. Meaning she is now officially dead. As the series has heavily hinted to her death last season. We get the confirmation of her death along with the new person that inherited her Titan. Along with that Galliard inherits the memories of Ymir and knows everything that Reiner did with his split personalities. Along with his love of Historia and his many losses. What the character of Galliard does in the future will be very interesting. As he knows this information, what will it lead to in the future of the story.


We got introduced to a lot of Titan Shifters so far. This episode as we get the Titan that carries a lot. The Titian called Pieck who was the one that saved Zeke and Reiner. A very capable Titan also. She walks with a cane or support as she was in her Titan form for two months. While her Titan is one that walks on all fours. So she has a lot of energy or something to stay in that form for so long. I do like her relationship with Galliard as they seem very close as she gives him the nickname Pock. Also her character is one that I really like being very chill.

Falco & Reiner

I do like the relationship that Reiner has for one of the next people to eat him. Probably keeping them in the dark about it. Besides that, I think we know who Reiner has as his choice for his Titan. Showing a little bit of though love near scaring Falco to death. Saying that if he wants Gabi to live longer than he must become the Armored Titan. Showing more to me that Falco is the clear successor to Reiner’s Titan if not taken by Erin and crew.

Eldian’s Return Home

After 4 years of war the Eldians finally return home. But, many of them return home traumatized from all that time in the trenches. While others are happy to see their families. Seeing the environment that they are in is interesting. So I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

But, the thing that got me laughing was the potato. With Reiner describing the meme moment and everyone going like oh the horrors. That to me made me laugh. But, it is slowly opening the mind of Gabi. Without doing it on purpose. This is something that Falco has but she lacks. As Falco questions things and sees things via morality and other methods. That is something that I love about his character.

Paradies Return

It is time to return to Paradise as that is the plan with their values of Titans diminishing. They will be worth nothing if they can’t get the founding Titan from Erin. They will have help from a WarHammer Titan that seems very hyped from people and even the anime. So I can’t wait to find out about that Titian. As they are bringing the whole house to Paradies for this huge war that is happening soon. But, as the Eldians have other goals they were recorded by the higher ups. With them knowing it. Sending a secret code in the meeting “Not in the room”. So what will happen when they return? We will find out soon.

Final Thoughts

This episode was slower paced. But, gave us some character building for this entire new cast that they are throwing at us. I liked this episode and the next one might be crazy so thanks for reading everyone.

Until next time be great everyone.

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