My Top 5 Chapters of Grand Blue 2020

Alright it has hit that time of year again. To talk about the best chapters of Grand Blue this year. As the manga that I love has come to a halt now. This year produced some amazing chapters and some very underrated ones. This year’s bunch of chapters has been very solid. With a total of 10 chapters, three of which being extra chapters. It was a lot easier to pick this year. Also these are my opinions so if you think my list is wrong put your in the list below.

5) Chapter 60 “Chestnut Picking”

When I was overlooking the chapters in my prerank. I had this chapter not even being on the list. But, upon reread this chapter was a gem to reread. As they decided that they would just go beyond over the top to everything. To the point that Kohei is a berserker for his idol. To Iori just have a chestnut craving and everyone goes and do it. It is a chapter that I can’t help but laugh at.

4) Chapter 62 Review “War Council”

To this to me was one of the best written chapters. As it brought characters that get little to no screen time and were expected to fade. But, you then give them character and make them fun. This chapter had Kohei in it and his back and forth with the girls was amazing to me. The way that they just roasted his game to everything else just very well writing to me. Along with being a very good chapter to me.

3) Chapter 59 “Mixer Round Two”

The top three to me are interchangeable as tomorrow I could really wake up with this at one. But for this chapter it was just a more of the cast that we have been begging for almost a year. Full Azusa chapters are rarities now so when we have them it is great. This chapter to me was the funniest of the year. As I was reading it, I could not stop laughing. It was also an amazing chapter to start the year with Busujima.

2) Chapter 63 “Okinawa Relanding”

Now this to me could have been number one easily. From the way that you wrote the number one ship in the community to basically having a date for a chapter. The chemistry that they showed this chapter was amazing. Then ending the chapter with the shock at the end was insane. Also in this chapter, the art was on another level compared to the others this year. This being to me the best drawn chapter of the year. Even as this chapter was just great and well deserving of being higher. There was just one being better.

HM) Chapter 64 “Okinawa Relanding: Behind The Scenes”

Before that we have the honorable 6th place mention is a chapter that is basically Chapter 63. But, it is from another perspective. That being the view of Cakey and Kohei spying on Chisa and Iori. From everything that they did to the way that they parrelled and basically copied what chapter 63 did. I couldn’t put this chapter any higher. But, I did like what they did revealing all the stuff hidden in the chapter before.

1) Chapter 65 “Day Two Of Chaos”

Foreshadowing, plot twist, amazing art, comedy, and A BUSUJIMA CONFESSION. What more can I ask for to end the year. As this chapter was just amazing everything in it was amazing. From the way that they foreshadowed Busujima coming here. To the amazing art that Yoshioka Kimitake did. To the comedic back and forth between Iori to Kohei. And the ending with the confession, this chapter was just a 10 to me. This was the best chapter of the year and it to me was a close race But, at the end of the day this was just the best chapter to me. Even in a close race this one just had it all to me.

Final Thoughts

Well that is all of the chapters that came out. I know that the series is going on hiatus for a minute. Hoping Inoue Kenji has a speedy recovery. Waiting for a monthly series might suck worse with hiatuses. But I just say this greatness takes patiences. I just want to say thanks to everyone that read my Grand Blue Reviews and this year end ranking. As this is the longest thing that has been on my blog and this is my third year making this so thanks to everyone following me and to new people. Hope everyone has a happy holiday or holidays.

So until next time be great my people.

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