Top 17 Anime & Manga I Consumed 2020

This year has been pure insanity to put it lightly. Losing a sports hero and many others, being put in a whole new world with mask and isolation, and having a country divided more than ever. Nobody has had it easy this year. So during this time that can be stressful to everyone. I personally can always go to one thing that is always there to me. Family and people that I care about. Having them really kept my sanity in this crazy world that we are in. We can learn many lessons from this year and be better for it. Sorry to start off all sentimental but, this is just raw emotions put into writing. So let’s get into this list.

This is a list of series that I have personally read or watched within this year. Though most of them would be series of this year as I watch seasonally most of the time. There are occasionally series that I pick up that are older so they can also be on this list. As this is my list. This is also the series that I watched for this year. If you want my all time ranking for manga anime and characters go to the tabs above. Also I am only human so I haven’t started or finished every series in the world so series like Haikyuu and Oresuki will sadly not be here. Enough on rambling here is the list.

17) Manga: Domestic Girlfriend’s Conclusion

How else can I start this list with the series that is drugs. I know that it is bad for me. But, this was one of those few series that I was so invested in the characters and their lives that I had to follow this story to the end. Despite the insane conclusion that I still can’t fathom to this day. It was one hell of a ride for this series that ended this year. So thanks you and f*ck you to Sasuga for a series that I will never forget.

16) Manga: 100 Girlfriend Rise Throughout The Year

This is a series that I am gonna stay high on. As this manga is the love child of To Love Ru and Gintama. So funny and fun to read with moments of amazing writing that I love. So I say that this manga was one that I loved to read and hope it gets an anime in the future.

15) Anime: Darwin’s Game

This anime is one of those anime that you turn off your brain and just have fun with. That was this anime that I hope to have a second season with the world, power system, and the survival aspect of it. I love it.

14) Anime Movie: OreSuki:Game Set

The conclusion to this anime was one that was very appreciated. It wrapped up the season that I thought ended so soon. So when the movie came out I loved the way that it ended and wrapped everything up. I hope that Joro and others will do very well in the future.

13) Manga: Joshikousei to Seishokusha-san

This series is one of the best written series that I read this year. The way that they can go from comedy to pure tragedy is so good. With the main characters of the manga being ones that I am just so hyped to read more about in the future. I would describe it but i say that it is one that you just read.

12) Anime: Smile Down The Runway

It is only anime that can make me fall in love with a subject that I would never consider if I hadn’t watched it. Smile down that Runway is the prime example of that. It made me appreciate the fashion world and the work that they put into it. With its sports-anime like writing in their world. I am hooked into the world and cast for the future.

11) Manga: Death Note One-Shot

Reliving my childhood was a treat. Seeing the world of deathnote in the future without Light and L. Seeing how they change the world with their battle. Showing the new main character that was so interesting and unique in his own way. I love this one shot.

10) Anime: Attack On Titan Final Season’s First 4 Episodes

This shows how much I love this series. I wanted to put it higher but it is crazy enough just to have the 4 episodes alone on here. But, be sure that this will be the top three next year most likely. Can’t say much but, if you haven’t watched AOT go watch it.

9) Anime: Hinamatsuri First Time Watching

Now this is one of those series that I was super late on. But, I heard nothing but praise. So when I watched this series I was shocked by how great this series was. The way that they blend the heartwarming moments that will make you cry and moments that just have you laughing your butt off is amazing. A must watch for everyone.

8) Manga: Grand Blue Ends The Year With A Bang

Grand Blue this year was up and down. But, before the mangaka took a break he left it with one of the best and worst cliffhangers before going on break. But overall this year of Grand Blue has been solid. If you know this is one of my favorite series of all time. So I am gonna having here all the time.

HM) Favorite Game: Persona 5 Royal

Had to throw a persona in there somehow. Persona 5 is my favorite game of all time. So having this world revamped with additional characters, gameplay, game mechanics and more. This was something that I just had to mention in this list. As this world is something that all anime fans would love. One that I put over 200 hours in so yeah Love this game.

7) Manga: Completing the Tsurezure Children

Best Couple 2020

This was one of the most satisfying manga that I had on hold to complete this year. As the manga had me love a manga with over 20 main characters and was invested in all of them. I can go on about this series. But, I will say that this is a must read that is just fun.

6) Anime: Kakushigoto

This anime shocked me alot. As I watched it every week with it being one of those series that I won’t forget. It is a father daughter story and if you know me. I have a hatred for them after being traumatized by “If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord” and oversaturation of the genre. So when I watched it I expected to drop it after one episode. But, the mystery that they put in. To the comedy that made me laugh. It was a series to the end that I won’t forget. I love the cast and everything about them so yeah. This is an anime that will shock a ton of people.

5) 2 Anime Series: Re:Zero’s Return

I love rewatching this world. To fall deeper in the world and new characters was a treat. With the addition of the of the second season and new characters. It was something amazing.

4) Manga: Bastard

This manga when I first picked it up was just one of those series that I just fell in love with at chapter 1. I binged the heck out of this manga in one night and reread it. As it is one of those special stories that I am just in love with.

3) Manga: One Punch Man

Waifu of the Year: Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is one of my favorite characters of the year period. So I can’t help but praise the work that this manga did showing her amazing character. With her first truly even fight in the series As she is just amazing and seeing hints of her backstory. This year was hers in the manga.

2) Best Anime: Kaguya-Sama

Rare to get a second season that is so great that I really had no words for. It went to me from a good series to a great series. As you can see the author improve as the story is going. You can see the progression of the romance. You can see growth in a series. Then you have the animation, the voice acting and everything with this anime. I am holding myself back from reading this cause I love the anime so much. The last series to ever do that to me is AOT. That shows how special it is to a manga head like me.

1) Best Manga: Kingdom

Consistency is key. Consistency, it is something that many series and myself struggle having. As time and time again this story has been consistently great. The chapters have been nothing but greatness and it shows time and time again why this manga is the GOAT.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is key. That is what Kingdom shows year in and out, that is what great people do, this is what I hope to do in the new year. I thank everyone that has taken time to read this blog this year. As I hit milestones of over 50,000 views this year. Which is f*cking insane when I think about it. Mainly due to Mami (Rent A Girlfriend) being such an amazing and controversial character. But, still thanks to everyone showing me that if I put in the work this blog can truly be something special.

My Favorite Character of 2020

So I hope everyone a Happy New Year and be great people.

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