He Has Arrived | Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Final Season Episode 3 + 4 Thoughts

Happy New Year everyone as I am determined to beat out the procrastination out of me this year. So let’s start the year with a banger. Let’s talk about that man returning. A new character and family in general that intrigues me. Along with a story from a different point of view.

Episode 3 (62) Door Of Hope

This episode was a Reiner Episode. Showing us what he went through from his beginnings to the point of him being part of the scout regiment. So this episode makes you see the world through his viewpoint and everything that he has to go through in his head. Ending it with a return of a character.

Reiner’s Blood

We find out that he is half Eldian and half Marleyan. As his mother was a pure Eldian impregnated by a Marleyan that didn’t love her or cared for her son. Reiner, not knowing that information, was working up his whole childhood thinking that becoming a Warrior would make him Marleyan and gain recognition by his father. But, that was far from the truth that he had to learn young.

Why Reiner Gain His Titan

He also was not the best warrior in his academy. As he was not going to even gain a titan power if not for Galliard’s older brother not wanting him to be with this Titan curse. Convincing officials to pick Reiner over him. Showing you that this man is just having the world against him. Over and over to the point where he felt that he had no choice but to attack the walls with Bertholdt.


Now she is a whole different story. As this episode just makes me love her character more. Hoping that she gets out of that ice one day. As she had to constantly carry two idioctic boys that knocked her out to cause havoc in her sleep. They forced her in this undercover mission for multiple years after that. I just want to give respect to her character.


I am gonna be honest. It took me a minute to find this out. During the whole conversation I was like who is this guy. Until I looked at him in his one eye and was like it’s him. But, he has arrived without a leg or eye. I am pretty sure that it is part of his undercover mission. But, man is it crazy that they did this.

Episode 4 (63) From One Hand to Another

Now this episode belonged to one person or should I say family. The Tybur family this episode is one that is a key factor in this whole series. From their introduction. To all of this hype of the Warhammer Titan this family is one that has no official side. So how will they play it in the future who knows.

Tybur Family

Now Willy Tybur, head of family is a very interesting character. As what Gabi said at the end of this episode. Saying that a lot of changes are gonna happen soon. With this man being at the front of it. As I have a feeling that Tybur will rise up with the Eldians in this land causing a civil war soon. With the help of Theo Magath the general of the marlayens that I have a lot of interest in. With the back and forth between the two in the series.

WarHammer Titan

I truly believe that Willy or his wife is the warhammer titan. As the way that he moves and acts in these episodes. He understands what his past family has been doing and wants to change that. So he must have the memories of the past or someone that is really close to him and has his same beliefs has told him. I believe that it is more likely Willy as his character just seems to be the perfect fit for it.

Falco & Gabi

This is an interesting race as Falco is improving everyday. Maybe with the help of Eren or with just pure heart. Which was kinda funny when he tried to confess to Gabi. Or at least says he wants the curse to protect her. But, she is Eren and doesn’t have love on her mind at all. Only pure competition in her head.I like how everyone is having a different thing in their head. When seeing them race as Reiner clearly wants Falco and Colt wants Gabi. As both of them want to protect one another for their own reasons.

Also I just want to say that Gabi is a bit of a narc. Like the way that she always says that she is perfect and her competitive nature. It is a little bit of narcissism but, I f*ck with that energy. I just hope that Gabi learns more of were Falco is coming from before the decision. As Falco has the right mindset of the world that they are in but, is lacking in certain talents. Gabi has all of the ability in the world. But, I believe that she is too brainwashed into their ways. We don’t know why Gabi desires the Titan so much. So that is for the future.


It was a small small moment of happiness for Riener. As Eren made Falco to get Riener to him. Reiner after seeing him must have so many emotions in his head that I am sacred to see what happens in the next episode. This meeting will lead to something and I am afraid of what. On his brightest day also after seeing him crack a faint smile. Is brought right back to hell.

Final Thoughts

Amazing chapter. So much is gonna happen with this play. With the way that the characters have met. We have a lot of parties and beliefs. So what will happen next. Gotta wait till sunday. Thanks for reading and be great people.

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