KyouKai And Rei | Kingdom Manga Chapter 666: “The Depths of Darkness” Discussion

It is always great to get a new Kingdom chapter as we get the first new one of the year. As this chapter really made me personally care more about the character of Rei. This chapter brings up a point that has been brought up in moments yet inorged in the past. Finally we get the meaning of the chapter with a number to represent it. As today I wanted to talk about “The Depths of Darkness” chapter of Kingdom.

The Burden Of Using the Technique

We all know that the situation of Kyoukai and Shin starting around 630 was something that I didn’t agree with at all. I was one of the rare times that I have questioned this series. As I feel that putting him in a coma or just making him fall asleep and rest heavily after the fight with HoKen was a better option. So I am hoping that Rei’s character was the meaning behind that craziness in those chapters. As what I hope is that Rei sees what Kyoukai did for someone she loves and brings her out of her dark ways. To not only recruit her. But, to put an end to the rituals and ways of the Shiyuu Tribe for good. Do not hide it and put it on hold forever leading to this situation over and over again.

Shin Learn’s The Cost

So we the reader already know the cost that Kyoukai paid for Shin’s life. But, now Shin knows it after the scuffle between Kyoukai and Rei. As constantly Kyoukai was playing it off like it was nothing and avoiding telling him what she did to get his life back. So after hearing this, what will be of the conversation they will have later. What Shin says in their conversation is something that I look forward to in their next conversation. As we don’t have an exact timeline for Kyoukai’s life. Along with many other things in the story’s future.

The Depth Of Darkness

Stuff I always wonder when an antagonist or a person that is put in a role that seems negative to the reader. What would I do if I were in the mind of some of these anime characters. Would I do what they do or would I have found another way. It is a major reason why I lean more towards antagonists in most series I consume. As I love series that make me think.

Rei being a prime example of an antagonist that I like. As I actually understand where Rei is coming from. As she has been brainwashed or raised to be part of this tribal ritual. Yet think about this. Kyoukai never freed them from it. She never put an end to the ways of Shiyuu. She attempted to postpone it for a long time. But, that didn’t end it. So Rei had to kill her sister that she loved dearly in cold blood. She had to do it because it was survival to the fittest.

But, in her mind she wants someone to blame for her sister’s death. Knowing that she can’t blame or put her anger on her tribe. She put it on the traitor of the village Kyoukai. To hopefully put an end to her never ending anger. But, that won’t satisfy the darkness that is almost fully consumed her soul.

Final Thoughts

I really like this dynamic showing that Kyoukai still had a past that she had to coup with. As they have hinted to in this story earlier. I really do like the character of Rei. As I can understand how she got this way and the pain, restendment, and just an overall hatred that she has in her character. So I hope we find out the past with her. As despite the nature of her character I am really interested in the depth behind it.

Thank you all for reading and be great.

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