Declaration Of War | Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Final Season Episode 5 Thoughts

Attack on Titan is already a classic. This episode is just an addition to its greatness. As every episode this season has been building up to the final scene of this episode. Getting us introduced to Marleyans, showing us the people of the world, and giving us the side of Riener and what he is going through. We then had to wait an extra week for this episode. Leading all to this explosion at the end of the episode literally. So let’s talk about episode 64 of Attack on Titan called a “Declaration Of War” from an ANIME ONLY so no spoilers please.

Willy Tybur’s Play

It was his way of preparing people for this great war that was gonna happen soon. But, he didn’t realize that it would happen at this moment killing him in the process. As we learn from his play the story that is told to the land of the Marleyans. That a hero named Helo’s and the previous owner of the War Hammer Titian teamed together to free the people of Marleyan from the Eldian oppression. Tricking the great Titans to fight among themselves and removing King Fritz, owner of the Founding Titan, to Paradis.

But, that was a lie. As King Fritz a man that only wanted peace. As he made this story with the War Hammer Titian. Leaving his homeland with many of his Eldian brethren to go to Paradis. To remove the oppression that Eldians caused to the Marlayens for all these years. With the Tybur Family being with them in standing against the Fritz as a story. To make peace in the world as that is what the king wanted. Keeping this a secret for generations. Until Eren came into play. Ending the way that they were forever.


Before I talk about Armin who looks way taller. Probably having to do something with the Colossal Titan power.I just want to say that the conversation between Reiner’s mother and Annie’s father was interesting. As he states that Annie will return home. With his belief in her. So what that means could be anything. My bets are that she makes a huge return in this war. What she does could be a huge factor.

Back to Armin, as they have invaded. We do not know who else is here but, we know one thing. War is upon us. As he leads Pock and Peick to a well disabling them for the moment. So who is here and the location of everyone is gonna be very interesting.

Eren and Reiner

I feel the pain for Reiner in this scene. Just being helpless seeing a man that you cause so much pain. Seeing the way that he is. Having Falco in the room with you in your homeland. As Eren has the power to kill everyone you love and care about with just one little cut. The whole scene was beautiful from the build up to this episode to the way that it ended. It was an amazing scene merging Willy’s Play and Eren and Reiner’s talk. With Eren giving Reiner one last glimmer of hope shaking his hand to just crush it to nothing.

Declaration of War

We have Willy explaining the war that we are about to come to. Along with the atonement for the sins of his family. I just wonder if he cared about before the threat of his land to ever tell the story. As he explains the name of Eren Jaeger, the man who stole the founding Titan and is now coming to destroy their home. To then die (Unless he is the WarHammer Titan) along with everyone that was in that building. Kicking off the great final war of Attack On Titan.

Final Thoughts

This episode was amazing and I expect nothing less from this modern classic. I am happy that MAPPA so far made the animation great so far. Still having the feel of the previous seasons. So I am thankful for that. Now, time for war. Thanks for reading and hope everyone a good day.

Pieck is a fun character.

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