Duel of Family | Kingdom Manga Chapter 667: “Three Days Later” Discussion

Well This chapter was relatively short. As this chapter was a hype up chapter for the big fight that is about to happen next chapter. Along with showing us a couple of flashbacks when Kyoukai and Rei were children. Also in this chapter we are shown that Kyoukai is at full power for the moment with their first clash. Ending the chapter with a beautiful panel of both Rei and Kyoukai in their fighting stance. With the whole camp ready to watch the fight.

I already have a strong belief that Kyoukai will win the fight regardless. But, Rei living or dying is something that interests me. As so far she has revealed information that Shin wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t been here. So I can see her dying in the next chapter. But, with the way Kyoukai is she can be the right hand to her. Giving Kyoukai a legit army under her. So that is something that I can see.

Final Thoughts

Solid chapter to hype up the fight. Relatively a shorter chapter of Kingdom but still enjoyable. Good tidbits here and there about the past. Along with hype for the next chapter. So thanks for reading and until next time be great.

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