Tatsumaki’s Past & BLAST | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 137 Review

Tatsumaki used up all of her power to the point of her being unconscious. In her state of unconsciousness she gives us the reader a glace into her past seeing why she acts the way that she does. Along with giving us also more insight into the character of Blast. The number 1 hero in One Punch Man and the strongest character yet to be revealed to. A lot happens in this chapter so let’s talk about it.

But, before I start on this chapter. I want to say that I support the Viz Chapters. But, according to Viz this is chapter 135. But, to most of One Punch Man Fandom this is chapter 137. So I am going toward the fandom and calling this chapter review 137. But, I will say that the One Punch Man manga can be one of the most confusing ones as the chapters go to .5 and .6 alot. I even accidentally skipped 3 chapters switching to the Viz leading to this review. Besides that the last two chapters were great and Sweet Mask is proving his greatness. That’s it, I just wanted to get my thoughts about that out there on to the review.

Tatstumaki Passes Out

After using so much power in her huge attack against Tatsumaki goes out. Leaving her in a very vulnerable state at the moment. Her sister Fubuki notices it immediately and worries for her as Psykos is trying to defeat her. But, Metal Knight is constantly in the way trying to defeat her. But, Psykos launches a missile attack with missiles. Most of which Metal Knight is able to defend. But, a final one made it past him and launched towards Tatsumaki unconscious.

But, Genos defends her once again with a beam. Making it the second time that he has saved her. I have to give props to Genos as this is the first fight that he is holding his own for a long duration of time.

Tatsumaki’s Past

We learn that Tatsumaki was put in a research facility as a child. She was sold off by her parents who were either desperate or heartless in their decision. One day in the research facility there was a monster that broke free. Destroying everything in the facility. Despite Tatsumaki being a “helpless” child. The researchers said she was not worth the time to free her from her cage. Leaving the monster with her. With all hope gone in the world. She is saved by Blast.


Blast is an interesting character. As we don’t get much on why he came to the research facility. But, we did get tidbits of information of the mysterious hero. We learn that this hero’s work is a hobby for him. Very similar to another person. Also, he knew about Tatsumaki before saving her. As he knew her true power that she was hiding to be free of the facility. Along with knowing about her family. At the end of the flashback we get two lessons from Blast that Tatsumaki takes to this day.

Lessons From Blast

The reason Tatsumaki acts like a tsundere. While also being overly protective of her sister is due to the two lessons Blast gave her. Protect your family, and people with great power must never expect someone to save them. Giving us a good amount of depth to her character.

The Battle

Tatsumaki remembers those words and wakes up. Ready to join the battle once again. As Psykos is battling Drive Knight she is bringing buildings down with her power supporting Drive Knight and Genos as they attack her. Leading to Genos and Drive Knight grabbing a hold of Psykos with a huge double chest beam waiting for her.

Final Thoughts

It was a good chapter giving us depth on the character of Tatsumaki. While also learning more about the character of Blast. Who could very well be the brother of Sitama. I don’t know if that theory has been thrown out. But, that is something that I want to throw out there. Also how will Psykos combat this at her wits end. We will have to find out next time. So thank you all for reading this post and until next time be great.

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